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#11433168 Steam/Origin/Desura etc Trade/Sell/Buy Thread

Posted by GreenlightGaming on 10 January 2014 - 02:20 PM

I see a lot of people posting how UFO Afterlight isnt available on steam anymore, but it is. They re-added it recently so you should really stop posting that.


Medal of Honor origin key .25 cents
Medal of Honor Warfighter origin key


Populous origin key .25 cents


Burnout Paradise Origin Key .25 cents


Mirrors Edge origin key .25 cents


Adventure Time steam gift/key 13.50$

NBA2k14 steam gift/key 7.50$
NBA 2k13 steam gift/key 5.00$

Might and Magic X- Legacy steam key/gift 10.00$
Thief (2014) steam key/gift 15.00$
Nether steam key/gift 8.00$
Secret World keys 5$ each need 2. 
Day One Garrys Incident steam key/gift 3.75$
The Might Quest for Epic Loot steam key/gift 5.00$
Iron Brigade Steam Key/gift 1.00$
Nascar The Game 2013 steam key/gift 5.00$
Steam Marines steam key/gift 2.50$
Hack Slash Loot steam key/gift 1.00$
Ankaneiro Demon hunters steam key/gift 2.00$
UFO afterlight steam key .50 cents
Deadly 30 steam key .75 cents
post mortem steam key .50 cents
post portem one must die steam key 1.00$

#11380764 Steam Group Buy and Gift Requests thread V3. Read rules before posting!

Posted by GreenlightGaming on 24 December 2013 - 05:53 AM

you can do a 4 pack for 15.00 form krug which would make it 3.75 per person. and id join in on that one. msg me if we wanna do this. 


4 pack nascar 2013 from krugozor 3.75 each.