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#11271542 The Official PS4 & XBOX ONE Ebay/Scalping Thread.

Posted by BigJoe on 23 November 2013 - 10:02 AM

Damn Im down to my last ps4 and xbone. Im gonna hold on to them and see what kind of trades I can get now that the supply has dried up. Everyone thinks they can have one last shot on black friday, they are about to enter a bloodbath of 600 people for 20 consoles. Im thinking of seeing if I can trade for a sealed Macbook Pro

#11203255 The Official PS4 & XBOX ONE Ebay/Scalping Thread.

Posted by BigJoe on 07 November 2013 - 03:19 AM

Some police stations actually have a designated area for transactions, Or possible inside of a crowded mall? Or Starbucks? Just be smart about it and you should be okay. People use craigslist every day and you think all of the sudden people are gonna go on random robbing sprees? 

#11157698 The Official PS4 & XBOX ONE Ebay/Scalping Thread.

Posted by BigJoe on 24 October 2013 - 04:00 AM


I'm not going to read this entire thread because it genuinely sucks...
but I do have one question...
Why the Fuck would you preorder and pick up a shitload of consoles and then be a major douchebag and return them?
Why not put up listings 1-2 weeks before release, judge interest, and cancel preorders if there is none?
Sometimes I wish stores never got away from restocking fees. I'm all for consumers being able to return something penalty free but I don't think retailers should bailout dumb ass flippers.



Look who decided to scalp something after talking shit and referring to us as dumb ass flippers and saying this thread sucks? Lol, looks like you quickly changed side once you saw a dollar sign you little greedy boy you!

#11136081 The Official PS4 & XBOX ONE Ebay/Scalping Thread.

Posted by BigJoe on 15 October 2013 - 07:07 PM



Now is probably the worst time to list a ps4/xbone.


Through my intense analysis of xbox 360 and ps3 sales. I can guarantee you the best time to sell is 3 days prior to launch, launch day itself, and the next day after launch. Thats when ebay becomes a frenzy like a bunch of Lions fighting over the Gazelle, It was during this time the PS3 averaged 3x its MSRP on Ebay. After that, believe it or not, it tapers down all the way to christmas. Close to Christmas contrary to the popular belief, is a horrible time to sell. At that point you have missed the train. Its not advisable to pass on this information beyond this forum, as the belief to wait till christmas will yield us less competition and larger profits during the said frenzy. Keep this info to yourself. The more people selling on launch day, the less profit. People waiting until Christmas to unload units is a good thing for us

#11080758 The Official PS4 & XBOX ONE Ebay/Scalping Thread.

Posted by BigJoe on 23 September 2013 - 01:40 AM

Sorry but I would not take my precious time to make a secondary profile so I can make more posts on scalping systems to a bunch of nerds on a gaming forum lol. Get real. Obviously us people scalping system have the money to purchase 10+ systems with ease. We dont have this kind of money because we are stupid, so either contribute productive input on the topic or leave. There are many other thread to choose from but you specifically chose this one out of the 1000's to come and complain on. Leads me to believe you're broke and jealous, so you have to come spread your hate. I said I was going to be nice but some of you geeks are just too much lol. 

#11080213 The Official PS4 & XBOX ONE Ebay/Scalping Thread.

Posted by BigJoe on 22 September 2013 - 07:42 PM

Do you guys think Auction or buy it now with immediate payment would be better? My main concern with auction is that people are going to bid on it with no intention of paying.

Your protection against that is to offer BIN with Immediate payment. I have never done that but many people I know had PS3's with a BIN of $1999 and sold it in 5 mins. Let me tell you one thing though. And this is BY FAR your largest concern. The issues of Paypal money freeze's and in 2nd place would be Paypal chargebacks. Nothing like making a grand then having the entire balance frozen for 180 days. then once those days are up you have to fight tooth and nail to get your money back. I have been researching a merchant account. But I may just loose some profits this year and go to craigslist. No I wont get mugged btw. 1st I'm 6'4 250, secondly you complete craigslist transactions in Malls, Police stations, busy Starbucks etc.

#11079111 The Official PS4 & XBOX ONE Ebay/Scalping Thread.

Posted by BigJoe on 22 September 2013 - 04:04 AM

So what is the best thing to do with my extra PS4 preorder from Amazon? Do I eBay it? And if so when do I list? Do you do BIN or auction and if so do you do reserve?


1 day auction on launch day. DO NOT WAIT. Prices go down slowly towards christmas. BIN vs Auction is your choice, Immediate payment option is quite nice with buy it now

#11078735 The Official PS4 & XBOX ONE Ebay/Scalping Thread.

Posted by BigJoe on 22 September 2013 - 12:41 AM

MrFocus is on point people. Take this valuable advice from veterans who have made money off of previous launches and take that info yourself an make money. This thread was to advise each other on making maximum profits. And if your going to come in here with an !#(@ attitude then you're of no value to anyone. Why not see the light and make yourself some money too? :)

#11042765 The Official PS4 & XBOX ONE Ebay/Scalping Thread.

Posted by BigJoe on 07 September 2013 - 06:23 PM

Good to see people considering this opportunity. From what I have seen by demand this holiday season the PS4 should be a smashing hit. And if you study ebay prices from the 360 launch in 05 and the wii/ps3 launch in 06, then you will see by far the best time to sell is the day of launch. In my experience the people who wait until christmas hoping the prices go up usually get burned. The people willing to pay the big bucks will buy the first available chance they get. Im going to say from what I can gather, that you should be able to flip a PS4 on launch day for 1k plus easily. Never once have prices gone up, they always start very high, then drop as christmas approaches.


I personally know people that whine about scalping and they are among the least moral people I know in many other aspects of their life. Im not here to judge who/what is moral or not. But unless you are a saint , who is anyone point fingers? that point aside, I do believe that flipping a few systems will land you a free PS4 and Xbone.

#11037581 The Official PS4 & XBOX ONE Ebay/Scalping Thread.

Posted by BigJoe on 05 September 2013 - 03:40 AM

This is the official PS4 Ebay/Scalping thread. I understand that most of you will hate me for this and I could care less. 100's of Cheap Ass Gamers made $1000's last launch of the PS3 and you can bet your bottom dollar we are going to do it again. Consider hoping on the money wagon folks, because I know deep down almost everyone of you would gladly take poor old Timmys PS4 in exchange for 2k profit. Supply and demand, if your so passionate about it being immoral, take your energy and go lobby against the banks or wall street. Welcome to capitalistic america my friends.


Now to get to the actual topic....


Here is the PS4/XBone scalping thread. If you look you can clearly see many of you enjoyed the thousands of dollars profit you made selling just one ps3. Although prices dropped quickly it was a goldmine as was the original Wii and Xbox 360. This thread is for people interested in making money. So please take your holier than thou opinions elsewhere. This is a luxury item and if people will gladly pay above MSRP then i'll gladly accept the gesture. You'll just make me laugh when you tell me its immoral or that im a dirtbag so save it. As a matter of fact, you could probably use a few thousand profit yourself.


And a common notion is that scalpers get screwed if theres no demand. My answer is simply... LOL, not no, but LOL. You have a 30 day standard return policy (usually 90 days during the holidays) and the biggest loss you can take is a few bucks on gas. And at least this way you can sleep knowing you didn't miss out on a fortune whether you make money or not. Pre orders are at a record high and you can bet this launch will be insane. Dis regard the Wii U it never had any hype, the PS4 already easily surpassed the million pre order mark. Brace for impact friends. I have a feeling this is going to be something else. This the topic is up for discussion.


Original PS3 scalping thread/ebay prices- http://www.cheapassg...calping-thread/


Mods, this topic is not to raise argument among users. This is a topic that is relevant to every launch and needs a venue to be discussed. Move the thread if need be although I think this is the most relevant section but please do not delete. This is a important discussion for many people.