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Walmart Black Friday Ad 2014 [LIVE Now!]

12 November 2014 - 05:03 AM

Going through it now
Most deals are echoed from other retailers so I will try to keep things to the exclusive deals.
1 Hour Guarentee: Halo Master Chief Collection Xbox One Bundle with $30 Giftcard. (kinectless xbox one, with halo master chief collection) $329.99
$99 4 GB Xbox 360
Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack (All platforms)
Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack (All Platforms)
Mario Kart 8 Wii U
Assassins's Creed Rogue Xbox 360
Borderlands the Pre Sequal? Xbox 360 (Can someone else tell if that is right?)

Here are all the gaming deals from Walmart (excluding consoles and accessories) organized by price and system.
:360:  :3ds:  :ps3:  :wii:  :ps4:  :xb1:  :vita:  :wiiu:
$35/each | 6PM Thursday
Wolfenstien: The New Order ( :360:  :xb1:  :ps3:  :ps4:)
FIFA 15 ( :xb1:  :ps4:)
Madden 15 ( :xb1:  :ps4:)
Destiny ( :360:  :xb1:  :ps3:  :ps4:)
NBA 2K15 ( :xb1:  :ps4:)
Diablo 3: RoS Ultimate Evil Edition ( :xb1:  :ps4:)
The Evil Within ( :360:  :xb1:  :ps3:  :ps4:)
Watch Dogs (  :xb1:   :ps4:)
The Sims 4  :pc:
Mario Kart 8  :wiiu:
$25/each | 6PM Thursday
Assassin's Creed: Black Flag ( :xb1:  :ps4:)
Assassin's Creed: Rouge ( :360:  :ps3:)
Duck Dynasty ( :xb1:  :ps4:)
Shadows of Mordor ( :360:  :xb1:  :ps3:  :ps4:)
Need For Speed: Rivals ( :360:  :xb1:  :ps3:  :ps4:)
Call of Duty: Ghost ( :xb1:  :ps4:)
FIFA 15 ( :360:  :ps3:)
MLB 14: The Show ( :360:  :ps3:)
NBA 2K15 ( :360:  :ps3:)
Madden 15 ( :360:  :ps3:)
inFamous: SS ( :ps4:)
Wii Party U (WiiMote Bundle)  :wiiu:
Just Dance 2015 ( :xb1:  :ps4:  :wiiu:  :wii:)
Grand Theft Auto 5 ( :360:  :ps3:)
Watch Dogs ( :360:  :ps3:)
NBA Live 15 ( :xb1:  :ps4:)
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel ( :360:  :ps3:)
Ryse  :xb1:
South Park: Stick of Turth ( :360:  :ps3:)
The LEGO Movie Videogame ( :xb1:  :ps4:)
$20/each | 6PM Thursday (missing 2 3DS games that I can't make out and 1 other game)
Assassin's Creed: Black Flag ( :360:   :ps3:)
Legend of Korra Game  :3ds:
Duck Dynasty  ( :360:  :ps3:  :3ds:)
Battlefield 4 ( :360:  :ps3:)
The LEGO Movie Videogame ( :360:  :ps3:  :wiiu:)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game ( :360:   :ps3:   :wiiu:)
The Last Of Us  :ps3:
LEGO Ninjago Game  :3ds:
Diablo 3: RoS Ultimate Evil Edition ( :360:  :ps3:)
Borderlands 2 / Dishonored Bundle ( :360:  :ps3:)
Assassin's Creed: Black Flag ( :360:  :ps3:)
PvZ: Garden Warfare ( :360:  :ps3:)
Skyrim: Legendary Edition ( :360:  :ps3:)
Titanfall ( :360:  :xb1:)
Call of Duty: Ghost ( :360:  :ps3:)
$15/each | 6PM Thursday
Frozen: Olaf's Quest  :ds:  :3ds:
TMNT ( :360:  :ps3:  :3ds:)
Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition ( :360:  :ps3:)
Nascar 14 ( :360:  :ps3:)
Minecraft ( :360:  :ps3:)
LEGO Harry Potter Years 1 - 4  :wii:

Trials Fusion download for XB1 currently FREE (Price error?)

19 August 2014 - 12:29 PM



Don't know if this is intentional or an error, posted in the XBL thread but felt it deserved its own post to get some attention for it. (Not everyone checks).

(DEAD) EXTREME YMMV Diablo 3 + ROS Expansion PC $39.99 ($31.99 w/ GCU) BB.

01 June 2014 - 06:12 AM


Diablo 3 is on sale for PC at 19.99 at Best Buy, if you look in special offers it says when bought with ROS it would take $20 off, theoretically makeing it free. It doesn't work automatically that way, but I called in and after a wait they took $10 off each one to account for the $20.
This make Diablo 3 ($9.99 before GCU, and ROS $29.99 before GCU). ($5.99 and $21.99 after GCU) it depends on how they take that $20 off what your final prices might show, they might end up listing Diablo 3 for $0 and RoS for full price, or take the $20 off RoS but leave Diablo 3 at regular price. This is just how the rep who I got did it. However, there should be no reason not to honor the special offer.


1-888-237-8289 (1-888-best-buy)

Press 0 at the first list of options "Press x for x and such", then press 1 for sales and product information, inform them you wish to place an order, and then give them the item SKU for either, then direct them to the special offer link to save $20 and explain how it is not working automatically on the site like it should, and then they should be able to manually adjust it.


*If you are GCU, make sure you give them the email address associated with your best buy account, and it should take your GCU off automatically in the cart, MAKE SURE THEY TAKE ANY $ OFF THE GCU PRICES!

Grand total was $27.98 before tax for me.
Diablo 3 PC (Base game)

Diablo 3 ROS Expansion


Special offer for $20 off Diablo 3 with purchase of expansion link