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28 September 2015 - 01:58 AM

Was this store in MD by chance? Because the BB I went to today was the exact same way, even for Superchargers. All the product was in baskets behind the registers, shelves were ready but nothing was placed out. We had reserved everything we wanted on line so we were able to pick it up no problem. But having worked retail, there are a lot of customers who, after not seeing what they want, would rather go to a different store than ask an employee. So there's a good chance they lost a few sales. It's been this way for nearly every game launch I've seen lately at BB. If I can order it on their website for online order I will as their instore is so horrible.

No this was in Illinois, and unfortunately majority of customers don't even bother saying anything and walk out. The problem is that there is a Target, GameStop, Toys R us in the same block. If I was working retail and working at that bestbuy I would do everything in my power that I can control to make sure revenue does not leave the store. Also if I didn't say anything how long would it been ignored?

And thanks for assuming I was the rude customer, which in reality I have sympathy for retail workers because I used to be one. In my opinion why are you working customer service if you hate the customer? Keep in mind I'm basing this from the bestbuy I visited which is that same problem over and over. New releases are never put out on time including movies at this location all the time.

In Topic: Lego Dimensions Deals and Discussion Thread

27 September 2015 - 11:40 PM

I love that he expects a store that does most of its business in home theaters to have all its employees know about every new game. Let alone the girl there to fix printers or the guy that knows all about car stereos. You know they have to field questions about dishwashers and mounting speakers to drywall too, right?
I understand when people complain about gamestop employees not knowing their games, but even then I'm a huge game nerd who checks here and neogaf daily and there's stuff that's not on my radar. The internet means most consumers know far more about a product they're interested in than some teenager mindlessly punching the clock until he can crack some whipits in the parking lot on his break.

Actually the only thing I expect is for management to do their job and check the fucking planograms before opening the store. I can care less about some teenager not knowing the product but come on, have some common customer service skills and say, "let me get someone for you to help with this. ( gets an expert or someone that is familiar with the that department. If the planograms would of been done do you think I would be bitching? No I wouldn't. ANY way I'm just venting about my experience and what I'm going to do. I'm not asking you guys to stop shopping at Bestbuy. Hmm and if your going to be a appliance and home theater company why push GCU? Why advertise that you can preorder games and employees have no clue?

In Topic: Lego Dimensions Deals and Discussion Thread

27 September 2015 - 10:19 PM

Mistakes happen, don't have to be a huge dick about it.

Exactly why Bestbuy losing business. I have never seen a business so badly managed as Bestbuy. At least Target, Walmart are on the same page and every store is consistent. You think 1 target in the USA didn't have the Lego dimensions in stock by the morning? No because they are managed consistently.

In Topic: Lego Dimensions Deals and Discussion Thread

27 September 2015 - 10:04 PM

Worst experience ever @BestBuy... Keep in mind I come from Blockbuster Video so I know first hand about dying brick and mortar business. Went to Bestbuy @ 4PM with my wife and kid to pick up the Lego dimension starter pack I preorder at the store. I didn't preorder the mini figures because I figure that I can just have my son look at them and he can pick out 2 sets. I go to the game aisle first to pick up the mini figures and the fixture is set up really pretty with the Lego dimensions signs and tags but empty, no product. My wife then says to me maybe they are sold out? I pull out my phone and search the part numbers and guess what? All of them say "in stock @ that store". I go to the counter and pick up my starter pack and tell the girl at the end, "hey by the way do you guys have any packs available to buy? Do you have them behind the counter for theft reasons? She says you mean the Amiibos? (That's a different conversation on how employee at that store don't know any of their products) I made her look it up on her computer to see what I was referring to. She says," Oh I do which one do you want?(with an attitude) I told her I wanted to see options and look at the box to pick. She then says that won't be possible that I had to pick one. Confused as a turtle eating a hamburger I told her Please let me speak with a manager. With anger and attitude she pages a manager on her little ear piece. After 20 minutes on me bitching about the service @ that particular store to my wife a manager come out. Same shit have to explain to a MANAGER what I was looking for. I'll speed the story up and just tell you that the product was in the back in totes with big signs on the side saying "DO NOT STREET UNTIL SEPTEMBER 27" I tell the manager don't you want my money? What if you had customers that came in the morning looking for these but didn't say anything because they thought it was sold out? They walk down the street to target to get them? He looks at me like I just gave him the hardest algebra question mix with chemistry. He then says pick your figures and take them to the cashier and tell them XXXXXX said to give you 20% off. At this point I just took bad cop and the Simpsons and left straight to the cashier. I let my GCU kick in and the said XXXXXXX said to give me 20% off. I was expecting a brain over load from them trying to figure out how to do it and bam that was it.
I'm done with Bestbuy and GCU. I'm done trying to give business to brick and mortar because I support them. Don't get me wrong I love GCU but it's not worth the aggravation these idiots at Bestbuy treat you. I guess I'll start looking at Targets red card promo. Anyway just venting thank you for listening.

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15 September 2015 - 03:50 AM

Any idea why bestbuy doesn't have it listed? Or am I searching wrong?