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In Topic: Yellow Pikachu LE 3DS XL $199.99 MSRP (Preorder's up at GS) Target $159.99 on...

24 March 2013 - 04:05 PM

Target may take up to 24 hr to update that in stock thing. I went to Target this morning (overslept!) would have gone prob 15 min before (it was 8:15) I would have gotten one. Saw a guy walk out with one (Damn..) and two other people left home empty handed besides me. Ended up buying it on Walmart not cheap but hopefully it goes through. It's crazy how limited the stock were and how fast they went. Two targets by my house were sold out when we arrived to one and Walmart/Toys R Us was also gone. Simply trying to get one myself but no luck!

For the pre-order..
I tried buying it on Target before and it gave me errors, so I tried again. Now my paypal account has two pending charges but never got a confirmation that I bought them since Target didn't email me. Anyone know if this will cancel? I have two pending charges for $218 hoping it will cancel.

All stores in Long Beach/Lakewood/Cerritos CA SOLD!

In Topic: Gamestop PS3 HD Collection Sale (11/1 - 11/14)

07 November 2012 - 01:30 AM

I used my coupon on Sunday. Luckily, Gamestop had all of the collections in stock. I was able to purchase all of them "new" besides inFamous (still had the code intact and was able to redeem the dlc) and Ico/Shadow of Colossus were the display boxes. The guy had no idea this coupon was out and assumed I had used my Powerup rewards points to get the coupon. I wanted to get the Uncharted collection as well but I wasn't too sure if it worked or not since the SKU wasn't listed on the coupon. It was fast and easy I walked out a happy camper, no problems whatsover.

In Topic: UPDATE: Newegg band hero bundle ps3/xbox 360 $24.99 (BEST BUY $44.99)

07 November 2012 - 01:27 AM

Totally missed out on the deal! Do they restock or how does this work lol.