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Today, 04:23 AM


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Today, 04:21 AM

$580/£450 Dark Souls Trilogy collector's edition

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That artbook looks awesome! But not almost $600 awesome.

That Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium is available for preorder separately on Amazon for $49.99: https://www.amazon.c...uct/3869930918/

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Yesterday, 08:26 PM

Do Wii u games not get the b1g1 50% off? Or was it an online purchase?

Online purchase since he used CAG16.

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Yesterday, 03:59 PM

Picked up Smash Bros, Mario Maker and Pokken for Wii U. That may be my final Wii U purchase. Abut $11 each after Elite and cag16.

Make sure you test the discs ASAP once you receive them. GS's refurbishing process is notorious for rendering Wii U discs unplayable.

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Yesterday, 03:14 PM

That’s the CE. The regular price will be $60 as usual...

I might be mistaken, but I think he was referring to how the steelbook for Cold Steel III seems to be limited to the $100 CE and not like the soon-to-be-released steelbook editions for Cold Steel I & II on PS4.