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Get a Free PS Vita or $300 cash/giftcard! Conga Line ( Real with proof! )

05 December 2013 - 06:51 AM

Make sure you have ANY ADBLOCKER OFF when you do an offer.

Please read the last few posts before signing up!

How To Get Your Free Prize


- Please, please, please read the last few posts to avoid accidental referrals.
- To score a prize, you'll need to sign up using the referral link of the member at the head of our Conga Line.


- Make sure you choose to sign up for a Referral account, not a Points account.


- Complete one offer from the "A" list of offers. We recommend Gamefly ( It has been crediting instantly lately, you have to queue up some games in order for this offer to work ) CreditReport.com ($1 trial) or FreeCreditScore.com (free trial but buggy sign up process). Cancel the offer after 4 days (not before!) in order to avoid additional monthly charges. Multi-Vitamins, Go Daddy and Simply Ink are some good offers.


- The only other requirement is to get 6 more users to sign up via your referral link, all of whom must complete an A list offer. We'll help you do that!




MykelxKnight's offer  :) Waiting on Xbox One!( Changed to PayPal Cash! )


Current PS Vita Referral Link: GamerDude79 http://www.yourfreep...php?ref=7443093
On Deck:   
You Must Do The Following Below:
*** Leave a comment in the thread of the CAG member you joined under, the name is in front of the link above.
After completing an offer email me at pspvitaconga@outlook.com with the following info:
title the email PS Vita
1. Your CAG username (Example:  My CAG username is ________ )
2. The email address you used to sign up
3. The referral link you used to sign up
4. Your referral link
5. What offer was done
6. A screenshot of the confirmation email for the offer you did (this is if you didn't receive instant credit)

7. GameDude79 (Offer Confirmed)
8. paulgarcia (Offer Confirmed)
9. Ricequakes (Waiting On Offer Confirmation)
10. TrapStar (Offer Confirmed)
11. natas33 (Offer Confirmed)
12. Zolor23 (Offer Confirmed)
13. electricsleep (Offer Confirmed)
14. fireinyourwords (Offer Confirmed)
15. bbedwards (Waiting On Offer Confirmation)
16.  rockstarnati (Waiting On Offer Confirmation)
17.  irishsoccermbw  (Offer Confirmed)
18. Shirou (Offer Confirmed)
19. sheppard2jt (Waiting On Offer Confirmation)
20. 4thHorseman (Offer Confirmed)
21. tphi11 (Offer Confirmed)
22. EldritchOnRye (Offer Confirmed)
23. q3arena (Offer Confirmed)
24. purplepanda (Offer Confirmed)
25. Sandman8288 (Offer Confirmed)
26.  Breakfuss (Offer Confirmed)
27. megamankid (Offer Confirmed)
28. Triatacon (Offer Confirmed)
29. YellowGameboyColor (Offer Confirmed)
30. JakeM17 (Offer Confirmed)
31. V3rranon (Offer Confirmed)
32. Jragon (Offer Confirmed)
33. NoelVermillion (Offer Confirmed)
34. TheBosZ (Waiting On Offer Confirmation)
35. Wrong (Waiting On Offer Confirmation)
36. nanaki254 (Offer Confirmed)
37. Lastemp3ror (Offer Confirmed)
38. havoksend (Waiting On Offer Confirmation)
39. Link127 (Offer Confirmed)