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16 June 2012 - 08:54 PM

Ship, it seems like you're having so many problems with your BRAND NEW PC. Even I felt frustrated seeing your tweets. I was getting ready to purchase mine a few months back when I ran into ibuypower, did some research and heard a lot of testimonials about their terrible service. Needless to say you should have went with Digital Storm instead. 2 week turnaround and top-notch customer service. I guess it's too late to say to return it? Anyways, happy PC Gaming.

It took like a month for my iBuyPower system to be built after I ordered it during one of the holiday sales - it sat for weeks on the "gathering parts" stage too. However I wasn't under any time constraint, so other than the anticipation I didn't bug the company for updates.

One nice thing that occured was I had selected ground shipping to save some $$ but iBuyPower shipped it air anyways. The computer unexpectantly arrived the day after it completed - I wonder if they ship it air regardless to avoid any potential issues that could occur during ground shipping.

The gurgling sound you mentioned with the water cooling is one issue that is frequently reported in iBuyPower support forums. Basically it sounds like the water cooler they use are cheap. Some of the coolers have air in the lines which causes the sound. When I read about that I called them up to change from the water cooling solution to a CPU fan.

I did run in to one issue when I got the computer. I quickly discovered my second hard drive wasn't hooked up nor formatted. It wasn't a huge deal as it was easily rectified but obviouslly that didn't get tested during their quality assurance check process.

In any case the computer hasn't had any technical problems since I got it and I'm happy with it. The price was inexpensive for what was included and its always worth it for me to pay a little extra to have someone else build the system than have me spend time putting it together and troubleshooting.