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#11093848 Steam Group Buy and Gift Requests thread V3. Read rules before posting!

Posted by Spiricore on 27 September 2013 - 06:01 PM

May I suggest a title change to be worded similar to this? "Steam Group Buys and Requests" It took me quite some time to finally say, "oh, it's a group buy thread." And is it really v3??

#10940153 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 27 July 2013 - 05:58 PM

My last input on the issue. I apologize, but I want to ensure the record is straight.


Yes, it sucks the mods get overzealous and blanket delete pages of stuff.  It's an extreme.  But, it's also an extreme to then follow up with pages of melodramatic "we can't say anything anymore" posts.  If you guys haven't noticed, most of those posts are off topic and yet they are still here, free of any mod deletions.  In fact, outside of Idiot and Mind Link's posts, nothing has been touched.  I'm all for free speech, but I can see why constantly cursing out the mods in an aggressive manner, in the wrong section of the forum, could lead to some mod action. 


For those looking to witch hunt, don't blame anyone but me if you'd like.  Idiot posted a racial slur (the n word) as part of a "joke."  I tried to let him know that wasn't cool and he just decided to keep joking about it, so since he wasn't taken it seriously I reported the one post with the racial slur and put in the notes to the mods "there is a racial slur in this post."  ... I was actually a bit surprised some people got up in arms about a the judgmental christian evangelizing, but no one either noticed or cared about the slur.


Shortly thereafter we saw the mass deletions so I'm assuming the mods saw the message, decided to look at the thread overall and decided to delete everything they deemed inappropriate.  I don't have an issue with the off topic talk around here and I contribute to it greatly, but I can certainly see why others don't necessarily care for it. 

I admit that I did not see (or simply scrolled right passed) the racial slurs. There are times when I scroll through a few pages to see if anything catches my attention (usually images, as most of them are pretty damn funny), but generally I just want to catch up. Racism is indeed inexcusable and with him persisting and being antagonistic you had every right to report him and for disciplinary action to be taken.


I would like to clarify that I, personally, am not on a witch hunt or trying to blow things out of proportion. In my view, people I enjoyed interacting with were "Silenced" (whatever that means; if it's not a ban then awesome) and sweeping moderation ensued (not in that order). Yes, this is the nature of forums, and with a community of tens of thousands of members and tens of thousands of posts to track daily, it is tedious and quite easy to be prone to laziness.


However, it wasn't so much what the moderators did, it's how they did it that bothers me. They didn't "decide to delete everything they felt was inappropriate"; they deleted everything. That in itself isn't a huge deal to me, but the response and wake left by the mods and the dramatic, overzealous actions they took regarding the issue ("stay on topic, GTFO or be silenced/banned") left those of us who don't know where the mods draw the line timid and susceptible to second-guessing ourselves in fear of further dramatic repercussions. That's not cool in a setting where we should (and have been able to) freely and openly converse with an obvious, appropriate and logical filter so as not to incite negativity and dispute. This could have been handled much better from an authoritative standpoint, and that's what I am upset about.


As far as further deletions: maybe I am overreacting here, but I am very much expecting more moderation; just nobody has gotten around to doing it yet. If not, I am happy that they allow us to go so far as to openly question the actions of staff without fear of being put on trial, but in the same regard I wonder if this is retrospective to looking at how things were handled yesterday.

Not quite true, I saw a lot of reasonable posts get deleted after the deletion storm. I think I only ever managed to see one of Idiot's posts, but definitely remember a decent number of posts asking what was okay to post and giving mild criticism of broad-stroked deleting. I think things would have gone much smoother if the mods deleted what was inappropriate and left the rest of the OT and semi on topic discussions alone.

^^ Communication would certainly have made a big difference, too. There were plenty of people staying on topic and making very informative posts in between it all. I particularly remember ashes posting a pretty substantial review-of-sorts on a game if memory serves me right. I was lost in the heat of the moment and didn't pay close attention to them, but there were probably as many on-topic posts as there were off; the OT posts were generally just way longer.


Finally, I have to mention Idiotekque and Mind Link - neither one of them appear to be banned permanently. At least that's my interpretation of the "Silenced" group in which they've been placed. I see people posting confusing statements about their status and I think we need to be clear. 

Silenced.  They still should be able to login, but are unable to post.  Historically these last a week.

Thank you for clarifying; I was also unaware of this.


Edit: I can confirm Idiot's IP was banned; he was not "silenced". Well, I guess he was silenced, but not in traditional CAG fashion.


I am done, and I would once again like to apologize to staff and the community for being a large contributor to yesterday's conflict. There was something about the evangelical way the original poster so adamantly preached/defended his religion combined with the fact that it was so unnecessary and out of place that really rubbed me the wrong way. I made a brief reply (which is still there), and then his attention focused towards me with a provoking response. I decided to engage rather than report as I should have, and it was out of character for me.

#10939982 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 27 July 2013 - 04:25 PM

No offense, but they were both begging to be silenced. They kept cursing at and insulting the mods. Anyone on this forum would get silenced due to that, I doubt it had anything to do with simply complaining about how the mods mass-deleted posts.

I think both of them are cool guys, but it only takes a tiny bit of common sense to know that if you constantly insult someone at that level, you're gonna get silenced or banned.

I will admit that I was not around to see how things escalated and what was said, but I still think the actions of the moderator(s) need to be reviewed. To have entire pages deleted without discrimination and to ban long-standing members of the community under what seems to be an emotionally-fueled reaction is extreme and should be called to question.


Yeah, but no warning did seen unnecessary for it. They were just deleted but didn't get a warning.

No offense intended here, but if you're not willing to line-edit the things you deem inappropriate, couldn't you leave the task to someone who is?


It just seems like it's not helping things to come out and declare that it's going to be broad strokes from here on out, evidenced by the fact that it's still being discussed at length...


I feel like I'm obligated pipe up here because it was I who brought this thread to the moderators' attention earlier this week


The original problem was that someone (not Idiotekque) posted images of pornographic actresses in the first couple pages of the thread.  They were off-topic, yes, but they were also blatantly inappropriate.


Please remember that this began with someone who was otherwise on-topic briefly mentioned a conversion-happy ex.  This invited someone (not Spiricore) to produce several wall-of-text posts insisting that we should understand Christians better ... repeatedly insisting that we make allowances for Christians who express bigotry toward the rest of us.  No one is interested in having that conversation here.


However, I think people should also be able to enjoy the thread without feeling harassed, belittled, or preached at. We all see enough of that in our daily lives without needing to put up with it during hobby-time.

I respect you for owning up. I do remember the post you are referring to, and it was right to have it reported/removed. It's saddening to see the  :censored: storm that followed. I agree with your post 100%, and I see no reason to feel you are to blame for this.

#10939932 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 27 July 2013 - 03:57 PM

Minecraft is a sandbox, Terraria is a game (with goals and world progression). I prefer Terraria because it is more structured and more focused on combat. If one liked the building aspect more I could see how they would prefer Minecraft.

I would love to get into Terraria if some people there were some others to play with. Every time I open the game I'm completely overwhelmed, and knowing it's a wiki-centric title puts a damper on my wanting to play it.


Here's the thing, they were shouting the loudest because of all of this  :bs: and got silenced for it. Both idiot and mind link took up and called them out (more outraged than anyone) and got silenced for it. I'm surprised I wasn't, as I also partook, but I'm not sure what happened.
Edit: Jayson Guy, it says they've been silenced, whatever that means. I think Idiot said he was IP banned too though.

I'm not surprised they took the stand, but it seems this chaos went from differing opinions (and poor choice of words) to emotion. Actions such as this should never be made in that state. I genuinely hope they are allowed to return, as they community just won't be the same without them, and to permanently ban them for this when looking at their community involvement as a whole does not reflect well on the mod(s) involved or the site. I realize it's a thankless job (believe me, I work tech support, backstage theater and other "behind the scenes" jobs), but this is very disappointing and I believe should be addressed further. Not by us, but by management.

#10939924 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 27 July 2013 - 03:53 PM

Sadly, it's not a lesson anymore, as we lost Idiotekque and Mind Link to this fight, both have been silenced. On a note about steam deals, I'm not sure if to hold out on Darksiders 2 DLC. it'll be on sale like that again, I'm not sure how soon though.

WTF, seriously? God damn it, they were probably my favorite two posters (though ML was a little "way left field" at times)! I was honestly expecting to be banned when I got up to check the forums - and no, I'm certainly not asking for it: I was sleep deprived and my bi-polar disorder got the better of me and I did my best to remedy the issue with the limited options I had. Considering the lengthy, proper, rule-abiding post history for all of us... to be banned for one day's incident... well, I'm not a mod and ultimate decisions aren't mine to make, but this seriously depresses me and severely alters my once-positive and enjoyable perception of the site. Now everyone is posting like we're under a dictatorship and it shouldn't be that way. I'm seriously disappointed, as this is the only gaming community I've devoted myself to because I love the community. I understand the need to stay on topic - and that's how yesterday's incidents really began to boil - but I call :bs:


Assuming I don't get banned for expressing my feelings above, I would like to mention that I gave Rogue Legacy a try this morning and was surprised by it. I am by no means a fan of roguelikes and really had no interest in it, but the sense of progression and tightness of controls makes it pretty enjoyable. Frustrating as hell (I know, that's the point), but enjoyable. I think I may pick it up next time it's on sale. What I'm really curious about: the "end game" and replayability. Is there one, or is it just replaying to see how far you can get over and over?

#10937801 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 26 July 2013 - 02:56 PM

I'm still waiting for Sonic Racing to drop low enough for me to snag it up. It looks to satisfy my Mario Kart fix on the PC. I wish I had noticed it earlier when the Sonic bundles were on sale.

#10936669 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 26 July 2013 - 02:39 AM

Oh Spoder...  :-P


In all seriousness...Truck Me Harder.

Omg, this topic just keeps getting better and better!  :applause:

#10936443 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 26 July 2013 - 01:01 AM

Same here. Foil drops are obviously discriminating against us. I suspect it's because I'm a penguin...

You're a furry. Discrimination comes in the job description. As for ML, they're just too damn scared of what he will do if they give him a foil.

#10936354 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 26 July 2013 - 12:27 AM

It's all fun and games until she insists on laying really still during sex and groaning "braaainnns" the whole time..

Or necrophilia...  :-#


I would also like to point out the connection between the topic, your post and your sig. Man, those ads were bad sexy.

#10936282 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 26 July 2013 - 12:05 AM

hay man can i hav sum games?

/slap Nein!


And I knew you would be the one to chime in on me stating that. You're so predictable. :beer:

#10936256 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 25 July 2013 - 11:52 PM

Totally off topic, but for those of you who received friend requests for me: it's for no reason in particular. I just thought as though I've been a part of the community long enough to feel like people know me well enough to be more than post quoters. Anyone else wanting to add me just click the + in my sig. Just don't ask me for free shit or you'll end up in my ignore list.  =;


On Warm Bodies: Interesting idea for a film. Turned out to be too...Twilighty...for me, but I didn't consider it a waste of an hour and a half (which is saying something coming from me; being in the film industry totally ruined (or fixed?) my standards of what I consider acceptable film making). Good flick for, well, the Twilight demographic, and a refreshing spin on zombies.


I have to say, however, that Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland are the two top zombie movies and the only two I actually went out and bought. 28 Days Later wasn't bad, but I was not a fan of the cinematography and choice of cameras. The Cabin in the Woods has potential if they pull things together with a sequel. Pet Semetary is a classic (I didn't realize it was spelled with an "S" until just now O.o). The original [REC] scared the shit out of me a few times, though it was fairly gimmicky. As for the rest: nay. Even the classics. The Evil Dead series had it's moments thanks to Bruce Campbell, but nothing I would keep in my collection.


I have yet to see World War Z.

#10936003 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 25 July 2013 - 10:01 PM

_____ of the dead

I'm sticking to post 2005-ish games. I know there are a few older ones worth mentioning, but my memory falls pretty flat after six 2 hours... 8 years is really pushing my limits.

#10935938 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 25 July 2013 - 09:34 PM

Exactly, and you can change the faces, hair, clothes and armor, etc on each of those races/classes, so it's not that often that you run into a full lookalike.


If anything, I think it would just be fucking hilarious to team up with friends, make a clan called "Spodermen" and run around in 5-man groups full of Spiderman, killing everything.








Actually I think it's wayyyy more dumb than that, but to each his own.


I love Ultimate Alliance, but I'm following a story, by myself (or co-op with a friend or two), with my team of superheroes. However, if that team of superheroes were, say, four wolverines, I'd think it was stupid. That's the point. MMOs are huge, with tons of different people running around doing stuff. When you have ten Hulks sitting in a circle chatting, the game is just joke. Do not want. If you could make your own custom superhero? Okay, that would be cool (isn't that what the other, successful superhero MMO does?).




Dead Pixels and War Z in the same sentence? I've actually heard good things about Dead Pixels... Most of the complaints come from that there's no online co-op (meaning people like the game and want to play it together).


Now, if you said Dead Horde... I could get behind that.

Honestly, I think Spoderman is the only reason why this game would be mildly entertaining. Maybe only for fifteen minutes or so, but still...


Edit: CAG3 y u no combyn my post?! i hav no atentun span for multiqwot

(Christ typing like that is hard, I don't know how you guys do it on a regular basis.)

#10935933 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 25 July 2013 - 09:33 PM

I dunno, clubbing with Spiricore sounds rather nice ;)

Shit, come to Boise, we'll bring the house down (as long as you're okay with electronic music and hippies)

#10935931 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by Spiricore on 25 July 2013 - 09:32 PM

pixeljunk eden

orion : dino horde

*sigh* Really, Valve? I'm getting to the point where I wonder if it's even worth bothering entering giveaways for these games - it's not like I'll ever play them after getting the initial set of cards.