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23 July 2019 - 12:19 PM

Hey guys, I thought i would back Wombat up on Rainbow six.  I am not usually a fan of too many shooters and prefer RPG, adventure, and sim games(sim city, cities skylines, etc) and most certainly am not a fan of competitive multiplayer shooters. I however really really enjoy Rainbow Six and still play Terrorist hunt regularly to this day. Through the years I've noticed that Ship and I share similar tastes in games (for the most part) and I think he would enjoy it. Give the Terrorist hunt mode a try as it is much more enjoyable, for me anyway, as opposed to the competitive multiplayer portion of the game. I haven't enjoyed a shooter this much since Borderlands 2 and feel that the team behind Rainbow six nailed the gun mechanics and the real sense of teamwork in the game. Wombat- if you ever want someone to team up with add me on xbox, PS4, steam (Orbshunter) I'm always down to play (usually on weekends) Thanks for being the only podcast that i allow notifications for, well yours and Fatman beyond (kevin smith's podacst)