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Yesterday, 11:03 PM

You can't get the giveaway games if you miss one. It already started a few days ago.

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Yesterday, 09:54 PM

There's a mobile and PC game doing a Chrono Cross crossover right now, and seeing the modern visuals for those characters makes me hope that the Chrono Cross remake rumors are true. I wish Square was still at the top of their game like they were in the late 90s releasing FF7-9, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, and Parasite Eve.

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03 December 2021 - 06:45 PM

Pretty huge news:

Not sure it's huge. Even if you don't buy them on sale, a year of PS+ and PS Now come out to $10 per month combined. This new service is unlikely to be cheaper than that - there's actually a decent chance it'll be more expensive. And the internal documents suggest that they'll keep the PS+ branding, so we can probably forget buying PS+ for $25-30 in the future from CDkeys and the like, just like how deals for a year of XBL Gold for $30-40 dried up completely. Microsoft doesn't even sell the year directly anymore. Will Sony drop the PS+ and PS Now 50% annual savings rate you get from them directly in place of a monthly $10 or $15 service? I wouldn't like that. That's before you even consider cloud streaming and the fact that PS Now games currently don't require PS+ to play online.

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02 December 2021 - 07:26 PM

Sold it when I got the PS5. System transferred all the data to the PS5. I backed up data to a thumb drive a year or 2 ago that might be around here somewhere but that's not going to work by putting it in a PS5. Will probably make me format it which will lose everything on there.

Can you buy a used PS4 from GameStop or borrow one from a friend, buy PS+, back your saves up into the cloud and return the PS4? Or would it initialize the thumb drive since it's not your original PS4?

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02 December 2021 - 06:35 PM

Maybe they could do that technically, but why would they? They never offered to do that, they'd have to do it for everyone who lost their saves, and even more people would pass on subscribing to PS+? I'm sure there are even people out there willing to pay money for their lost saves. If you lost data on a computer, you'd be looking at paying hundreds or even thousands to get someone to recover your data for you.