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Digital game magazines 12 issues for $12 from Future Publishing

04 January 2021 - 06:47 PM

Most game magazines in America besides Game Informer are gone now, but they continue to be published in the UK by Future Publishing. The company is currently running a January promotion where you can get digital subscriptions to many of their titles for $12, which include Edge, Retro Gamer, PlayStation Magazine, and PC Gamer.

Retro Gamer is easily the cream of the crop because it often reveals new insight on classic games and they interview developers years after games have released. The current issue features SNK's Neo Geo prominently as its cover story.

The print subscriptions for these magazines are all over $60 since they have to be imported. My only complaint about the digital subscription is that you have to download the magazines and can't just view them online. If you download them as traditional scans, the files can be quite large. There's also a tablet-friendly version that is a lighter download.