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#11609004 The Bundle Stars Thread

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 14 March 2014 - 01:38 AM

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gold Edition Steam Key: RXFCY-TRYY3-74K94-9TCRW-W3T9A  

Tower Wars Steam Key: F4X3X-YHWJ6-WTT49  

Both lurked, but thanks for dropping them!

#11603103 Humble Bundle Thread

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 12 March 2014 - 04:09 AM

I guess I'm the only one here, so I'll say it: the Bookworm games are pretty great. Although I think PopCap could have given us Bookworm Adventures 1, at least, instead of the oldest and least well-executed of the batch.

Other than PvZ I've spent the most time playing BWA. Very fun if you like word games.

#11596035 Humble Bundle Thread

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 10 March 2014 - 12:31 AM

Revealing post on Humble Bundle proceeds from Pocketwatch Games, makers of Monaco (via RockPaperShotgun).


Things that I found interesting (green text are quotes from the blog post by Andy Schatz of Pocketwatch):


1. "Of the 493,000 bundles sold, 370,034 of them included Monaco.  Of those, 270,677 have activated their Steam keys.  Interestingly, this means three quarters of the Humble customers beat the average." - So HIB11 had 75% of purchases BTA. That's pretty amazing, given that three of the heavy hitters (Dust, Guacamelee, Gianna) were in the $1 tier.


2. "Distribution of revenue typically ends up being the default distribution of 65% developers, 20% charity, 15% humble tip." - Most buyers either don't care about the sliders, or don't even know they're there.


3. "With 6 developers, plus the mid-week additions of Fez, Starseed Pilgrim, and BeatBuddy, that’s around 8% per developer." - So the % of the proceeds that go to the devs are split about evenly among them.


4. "Monaco grossed approximately $215,000 over the course of the Humble Bundle." - So putting your game in a bundle (albeit one of the most successful bundles ever) can be very lucrative. This along with factoid #5 below suggests that devs that bundle their games to get onto Steam via Greenlight are definitely doing the right thing, and NOT giving the bundle buyers a Steam key is definitely the WRONG thing. (ie, the bundle people are not a significant % of the people that might buy your game on Steam at retail or even at 50% off).


5. "Despite the huge number of units that we sold in the Humble Bundle, it doesn’t appear that our presence in the HIB affected our day-to-day Steam revenue. Why is this?  My guess is that customers tend to be loyal to sales channels.  Customers that buy from Humble Bundle tend to only buy indie games from there, and customers that buy full priced games on Steam probably don’t know about — or don’t care about — Humble Bundle." - Most surprising to me, and in the end I think I agree. CAG, Slickdeals and similar communities are pretty much outliers and are a miniscule niche of the game-buying universe. The vast majority of people on Steam still behave like brick-and-mortar store customers - want game, buy game now if price now is acceptable. A small % of buyers will put off a purchase and wait for a Steam sale, and an even smaller  % are of the "75% off or GTFO" mentality.

#11578891 Steam Deals Thread V11 ~ Let's move along, people...

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 04 March 2014 - 02:01 AM

Posting for the star... and to say that do NOT buy Wake and Lunnye whateveritis. Terrible, terrible games.


Thanks to MNS for the new thread smell!

#11541376 GOG Deals Thread

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 19 February 2014 - 10:24 PM

I just wanted to point that out.  It's also the first time I've seen a Steam game on the Humble Store that doesn't explicitly come with a Steam key (no steam logo by the mac/lin/win).


GOG & Desura keys from Humble Store, cool. =)

It's most likely an omission on the part of the Humble Store. The dev's site still indicates you get a Steam key, and it sells via the Humble widget.

#11528039 Amazon PCDD - Important Update New Community Manager Incoming!

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 15 February 2014 - 01:34 AM

Dungeon Keeper is Free on GOG


http://www.gog.com/ and click "get it now"


I already have DK1 from a previous GOG bundle. I hit "get it now" and they sent me an email with a gift link to give away.


They really want to give it away to as many as people as possible.

#11509674 The Steam Deals Thread v10

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 07 February 2014 - 11:45 PM

Wow, I think we have a winner...that was so good it's scary.

And I don't think she's even joking... :bouncy:

#11509671 Amazon PCDD - Important Update New Community Manager Incoming!

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 07 February 2014 - 11:42 PM

I'd played since early classic, and Cataclysm really ruined it for me...  I can't even pop back in for some nostalgia.  And I'm not playing some damn Kung Foo Panda expansion.

The Kung Fu Panda expansion was actually pretty decent, until they went All Horde All The TIme with the storyline and I just couldn't take seeing the green buggers on my screen any more. Making the next expac nothing but orcs sealed my retirement from the game. Only a gnome and dwarf-centric expansion has any chance to bring me back.

#11507961 The Steam Deals Thread v10

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 07 February 2014 - 10:04 AM

Child of Light may force me to risk me CAG card ... only $15...

#11503663 [PC] The Indie Gala Thread

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 05 February 2014 - 09:44 PM

I might be tempted if I didn't have Sang Froid.. but $4 for 3 games (that I don't own) is too much.

Well, some of us have to jump at things like this. We don't have your "spodering" special ability. :rofl:

#11503551 [PC] The Indie Gala Thread

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 05 February 2014 - 09:04 PM

I hopped on it for $4. When I pick up Fox bundles it's usually because there's only one (At best) game in the bundle I particularly want. I'm fairly interested in both Interstellar Marines and Sang Froid, and the $4 price sounds fine for those two. If I had to go for the $6 price I would've been tempted to wait.


All that said, still haven't gotten the keys yet. And they keep "Going into maintenance", so hopefully I get the fancy edition of Interstellar Marines.

Tried to buy in for $4 but they've got the "under maintenance" screen up again.


There must be a sh*tstorm going on.

#11495647 Amazon PCDD - Important Update New Community Manager Incoming!

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 03 February 2014 - 01:32 AM

anyone here watching the game?  I am not a Bronco fan but even I start to feel sorry for them. :(

Defense wins championships.


The safety wasn't on Manning (Ramirez botched the snap). The two picks were on him though. He's not used to being pressured anymore. His O-line's getting kicked around hard.


And now Harvin scores on the kickoff. When the guy's healthy he's amazing. When he's healthy.

#11493777 The Steam Deals Thread v10

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 02 February 2014 - 01:11 PM

So let's talk about Elder Scrolls Online and how we're all getting it.


Or maybe it's just me. And the rest of you will wait for F2P. And I'll be in the hole hundreds of bucks.


Seems like a win?



Still haven't seen anything on what endgame PvE is going to look like. The closest thing I've seen is a note that there will be raids, but not really... :error:


The worst thing really would be to get your toon to max level, then have nothing to do (hello SWTOR). Anyone have a link to information on how TESO is going to do this?


After years of WoW, I've not really seen another MMORPG that's come anything close to the content and polish that Blizzard has in its flagship.

#11490893 Amazon PCDD - Important Update New Community Manager Incoming!

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 01 February 2014 - 03:26 AM

Well this turned out to be one of the best EC promos ever. The only better one I can think of was the time I got that Paradox mega-bundle that sold out fast and never came back.


Thanks to Tony, stealth EA guy, the Namco and Squeenix reps who came through at the last minute, and the 505 folks who were in on this early.



Crysis 3

Marlow Briggs

Bioshock Infinite (2 copies)


Max Payne 3 Complete

Dark Souls PTD (2 copies)


The only thing I regret not grabbing was Final Exam. Something for next time.


I'll just leave this here:



? = first letter of the name of Tony's best buddy

#11459950 The Steam Deals Thread v10

Posted by Dreamweaver7 on 20 January 2014 - 11:51 PM

Sharing my review of The Banner Saga (TBS):


I just finished TBS, the first game I've finished in 2014. Helps that it was short, I'm thinking no more than 6-8 hours of actual, non-experimentation, non-reloading last checkpoint play time. This is one of the games I Kickstarted back when that was a thing (meaning before I figured out that it really wasn't worth it). No regrets through, well worth the KS$.

The game looks and sounds great. The game universe, billed as a Viking fantasy, is competent. There's nothing groundbreaking about the story or characters, but they serve the purpose.

Gameplay is hit/miss. I'm a TBS (turn-based strategy of course) fan, but the oversimplified systems of TBS (The Banner Saga, of course) leave me wanting more options. Even the Gold Box TSR games had more combat choices than this. The initiative and action mechanisms leave a lot to be desired, as units don't have fixed speeds. It's always a he-goes-you-go deal, so if you mop up weak units early you're left with more powerful units acting more often. This leaves you with a counterintuitive strategy of weakening units without killing them. I'm also torn on the health-as-attack-power thing, but that much I can live with. Last glaring thing for me is the lack of any way to influence movement. Short of a couple of minor abilities that address threat, AI units can waltz around your melee units and go right for ranged. Nothing you can do to stop them.

The overland mechanisms are brutal, but if you've played King of Dragon Pass that's nothing new. The game has one currency, caller Renown, which is gained by killing enemies. Renown is used to level characters, buy items and buy supplies that keeps your army alive while travelling overland. You're probably not going to be able to afford any items, unless you're willing to lose people to starvation (events generally cost you supplies as you travel) or you're going to show restraint when levelling your characters (which can backfire if a toon you've invested a lot or resources in gets auto-killed in an event). Still, this is a thing you can get used to compared to the combat.


Word of warning - this is the first part of a planned trilogy, so the ending kind of feels exactly like that. There's a major event/battle, but a lot of loose ends remain to lead into chapter two. If you were ok with the ending of The Fellowship of the Ring (old school) or The Hunger Games (new school), you'll be fine. :)

Overall though I'm satisfied with the game. This is my third KS'd game to deliver (FTL and Shadowrun Returns were my first two) and so far all three are winners in my book. This actually kind of feels like Shadowrun Returns in terms of heft/depth/scope. I recommend TBS to anyone who's into the genre, but maybe wait for a sale...