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Today, 02:23 PM

I think they're OK, but after looking at the other plate options, I couldn't find any that I liked. They just aren't impressive, so cant' see why I'd spend another $20-50 for some plates of things I don't care much for. I wish they'd utilize this aspect of the console more. Why is Pikachu the only single-Pokémon plate option? I want some Charizard plates (other than the expensive ones from the Anniversary console) or Blaziken or a Fire Emblem set that isn't just cover art in plate form.

Isn't it obvious? When a bunch of people are not N3DS owners, then these come out, a bunch of new owners result. Those owners then research their new device and find out Nintendo is consistently being inconsistent with the display quality on the consoles. Just because Nintendo's been deliberately shitty for years doesn't mean it's OK to be deliberately shitty now. I kind of heard about the TN/IPS drama over the years, but never played a 3DS until this one. That's when I saw video examples of the difference and saw how different the image quality can be, in varying conditions.

So, yes, it's reasonable to call Nintendo out for still being shitty after years of being shitty. Advertising these as a "special, limited edition price" isn't a defense for inconsistent hardware specs and not-infrequent hardware flaws like the speaker, display, and light bleed issues we've seen. These aren't like BF TVs, where they look imperceptibly different, giving up one or two minor specs for a lower price (like the Samsung TVs that cut out smart remotes and Bluetooth). If Nintendo were cutting $50 off and making everything 100% TN at all times, while the higher-dollar models were 100% IPS, that would be different. Instead, you're handing over money with no certainty of what you are paying for exactly.

Yeah, outside of this thread, I highly doubt many people are looking into the quality of their screen - they're popping in games in enjoying them. You might have a point if the screen was advertised to be one type or the other, but it hasn't. If it's such a Greek tragedy, return the thing and consider it a vote with your wallet and implore others to do as you have done.

In Topic: Mario Themed Limited Edition $99 New 3DS thread

Yesterday, 04:25 PM

You didnt get dual IPS. None of them have IPS.

None at all? All TN screens all around?

In Topic: Toys R Us Restock of NES Classic Edition on Sunday

Yesterday, 03:47 PM

I still don't get the hype for this. Why not just get a real nes with much better games than those included? All of those games can just be downloaded on virtual console if you want them that bad. Not to mention half of them are just crap


In Topic: Mario Themed Limited Edition $99 New 3DS thread

01 December 2016 - 03:05 PM

You know you're struggling when you have to criticize someone saying "lol wut" and I looked up your book console wars and it's about the console wars which was many years ago. Nintendo has undergone new management twice since than so I really doubt this is relevant. I was talking about the nes classic, not the original one by the way lol. What else about the post didn't make sense? I'd suggest re-reading what you write before hitting the "Add Reply" button because citing a book about events that took place over 10 years before this event doesn't apply to this conversation.

Seriously though, copy/pasting is fun when you've run out of useful things to say, but you've got incomplete/intangible thoughts in your two replies that precede this. LOL not sure when we were talking about the NES Classic, this conversation is about the 3DS at hand and has been the whole time, but keep diverting, it's definitely working lol.

I'm not sure how you figure it's not related - management might have changed, but it's clearly their company strategy. They did this with the Wii, they did it with Amiibos, and the NES Classic is the most recent example, not these $99 3DS. *Gets evidence - dismisses evidence because it doesn't fit narrative (cowthe2000)*

In Topic: Mario Themed Limited Edition $99 New 3DS thread

01 December 2016 - 05:19 AM

Well said.

On a totally unrelated note, my black 3ds seems to be absolutely perfect. I guess that Nintendo makes flawless products that always work, never break down, never need service (but if they did that would be perfect too), and all games are 10/10 GOTY caliber.