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Yesterday, 07:46 PM

The only thing the gift receipt does is make it a little harder for the employee to realize you used the promotion. A regular receipt will work fine anywhere.

Thanks! Definitely makes sense, wanted to avoid giving them any reason to deny me - but sounds like I have some different options


It will work out better.
Tell em you changed your mind.
Pre-order a couple things while you're there, they love that :D

That's a good idea! I can always return it and say I want to put the money towards Xbox One X or something along those lines. Thanks! Nice to be able to spitball ideas.


Yesterday, 07:16 PM

Shit. I forgot to request a gift receipt yesterday. I assume I'm SOL asking for one after the fact.

Am I able to return stuff to any Gamestop location with the regular receipt (assuming a JR detective doesn't blow up my spot).

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Yesterday, 04:49 PM

Again, as I said earlier, when the queue starts to form people in their cars should get in line. Does no one remember that? How is that unreasonable?

Good lord people like to cherry pick quotes so they can take them out of context to unintentionally sound stupid.

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That's not what you initially said, despite whatever backpedaling you did between then and now.

In Topic: amiibo Deals and Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 04:46 PM

You guys are right. I was raised to have a European attitude so of course when it comes to manners most average Americans wouldn't understand my perspective. I'll stop responding to this debate (if you can call it one) so we can move on and talk about Amiibo.

Speaking of, no one in line yet nearly 3 hours after I got here. What am I doing with my life? Lol

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Let me ask you, how many Europeans do you personally know and interact with on a daily basis. On top of that, how many times have you been to numerous countries throughout Europe.

One thing you should never do, is lump Europeans together. The culture varies so much from country to country. Being someone who works for a European based company where I'm one of only three Americans, constantly working for extended periods in various countries throughout Europe. You have no idea what you're referencing. Between the oxygen tank comment, patting yourself on the back and this weird idea of Europe, you might be delusional.

In Topic: amiibo Deals and Discussion Thread

Yesterday, 04:26 PM

Just because it's accepted as the standard for lining up doesn't mean it isn't rude. If someone was there before you and you jump in line you are cutting. Period. Joke all you want. Manners went out the window long before I was born so I get your POV but I was raised to believe in holding doors for strangers, saving places in line when someone has to leave for some reason, helping people that appear to be in trouble (yes I've helped people stranded by the side of the road, have fallen down or dropped items, etc), and so on. It's common courtesy. Scratch that. Apparently it's just courtesy now.

I'm standing out here melting in the sun with no one around still and it's a quarter after 8 because of people like you guys. It's ruthless/remorseless but that's they way it works.

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No. You're POV is skewed. I hold doors for people, I say "please" and "Thank You" to the point where it's almost sickening, not afraid to buy a meal for someone homeless when they ask - the act of lining up, is physically doing so, not sitting adjunct in your heated/air conditioned car with a sense of self-entitlement merely because you showed up first. If you want to be part of the queue, get in line - it's simple. It's not cut throat, it's not a new age concept and it's certainly far from rude. Then again, being a hypocrite, who doesn't follow the line their own belief system is much, much worse - pathetic actually. You can preach all day, but you're contradicting your sermon.