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In Topic: PSN Weekly Deals - 11/13: Game Show & Persona Sale! 11/19: PS+ on Vita Be...

05 June 2012 - 09:41 AM

Meh, just a bunch of overhyped mainstream garbage. If they stop giving away the niche and indie games, I won't be renewing my subscription.

In Topic: PSN Weekly Deals - 11/13: Game Show & Persona Sale! 11/19: PS+ on Vita Be...

04 June 2012 - 01:48 PM

My other concern is that they're gonna take it too mainstream, and get rid of deals like 75% Hamilton's Great Adventure, 50% off 4 Elements HD & Mercury HG (the games I'm interested in, though certainly not "A quality" games) in favor of deals like 50% off COD map packs, BF3, etc. (which I'm not at all interested in).

Yeah, they've been hinting towards doing that. If so, I'm done with PS+.

In Topic: Japanese Niche Games Deals Thread: Atlus, NISA, Aksys, XSeed and More!

04 June 2012 - 09:02 AM

Can those who won't drop the "loli" issue please argue somewhere else?

It never should've started in the first place. This is a forum for video game deals, not trolls with agendas.

Back on topic, uhh...

The Atelier games are really underappreciated. Rorona has some issues, but Totori fixes pretty much all of them. I've not played it, but I can only guess Meruru carries on from there. Good series.

In Topic: Japanese Niche Games Deals Thread: Atlus, NISA, Aksys, XSeed and More!

04 June 2012 - 01:28 AM

I'm just going to go the "you're an idiot" route on this one.

"Chibi-themed", really? Is that what we're using to try to justify oversexualizing young toddlers?

But seriously, you're an idiot. Like, really, a fuckin' dipshit. Sorry to be explicit, but I'm just being real. Look how defensive you're being over something as stupid as this game "mechanic". First off, my "prudish desire" isn't to "force" anything. It's simply a preference not to have to molest 6 year-olds in my strategy games. Also, I never assumed anything. I know there's idiots out there (you're living proof) that will defend anything Japan ejaculates onto the figurative face of America, regardless of how ridiculous it is.

And before you go crying about how I shouldn't be in this thread and if I don't like Japanese games, not to play them. I own nearly all of NISA's console based RPGs, including their collector's editions. I play them because I enjoy a good story and strategy. Hell, I even love nice set of tits to ogle while I'm playing, but those set of tits need to be ripened, and not have an entire game mechanic based on them.

So yes, Fuck you and your creepy and overly-defensive desire to justify this shit stain of a mini-game.

I have zero interest in this game, because it doesn't look particularly good. I agree it looks stupid and pointless, but that's no reason to demean those who might enjoy such things. Who is it harming? These are drawings, not real people.

Japan has one of the the lowest rates of sex crimes in the world. Who do these drawings hurt in real-world terms? Who cares if they are supposed to be 5-year-olds (which they are not)?

All you're trying to do is force your deranged and entitled sense of morality onto other people's personal interests.

People like you are what's wrong with this world. Fuck you.

Bonus tip for the racist propagandists: Otaku culture isn't Japanese culture. Tokyo is not Japan.

Bonus tip #2: Sexualized shota characters are nearly as common as loli characters. But a big deal is never made about that because it is female yaoi fangirls who enjoy them. So, it isn't useful in your effort to demonize Japanese men. Racism and misandry. Despicable.

In Topic: Class of Heroes II Deluxe Edition - $59 Kickstarter

10 April 2012 - 07:37 AM

I'm so conflicted about this. On the one hand, I love the idea of Kickstarter being utilized to localize niche Japanese games.

On the other hand, Victor Ireland has an awful track record with localizations, and his promise to "improve" the localization again doesn't bode well.

I would buy/donate in different circumstances, but not with Ireland at the helm. I don't want OJ Simpson and Bill Clinton in my JRPGs.