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#5257539 Bad Goozex Traders Master List- Updated Nove. 10, 2010

Posted by thebob101 on 01 February 2009 - 04:05 PM

So, we have been given the go ahead for our Goozex Bad Trader Master List. Please post bad traders in this thread and I will keep a master list in this post for everyone to use.

Examples of bad traders include, but are not limited to:

1. Very poor packaging for shipment- wrapped in regular paper and tape.
2. Sending damaged games- game discs, broken cases, mangled manuals, etc.
3. Bogus reports to Goozex- game was slit open and replaced with bootleg copy, did not receive game, unplayable disc claims, etc.
4. Never receiving the game

Bad Goozex Traders Master List:

53x11- Bad trader.
209dloc- Wanted trader to leave positive feedback before sending the game and then sent an insulting PM when asked to cancel trade.
aaronsedge- waited a week after he was supposed to send the game to cancel trade, excuse was "I can't get it out." Matched with a bunch of 1000 point games recently and did not send them out.
Alphakira- Item not received
angelinaclement- Bad Trader.
beccajo2004- sent damaged game, packaged with paper and tape and sent through the USPS.
bluestater- Bad trader.
ChillyWilly85- Sent an empty BlockBuster case which was supposed to contain COD4. He didn't even take the blockbuster rental artwork out of the case.
chris531- Game never received, wouldn't respond to PMs
daddyLOML- sent damaged game, did accept return of game.
destroyer4496- Never sent game.
dgravholt@q.com- Sent incomplete game, used vulgar language and insults when replying to trader.
digirod- Did not send complete package, made excuse about not sending it.
dom_catz- Never sent game.
Dunkkd - No game sent, no response to PM.
EA4life- Game never received, wouldn't respond to PMs.
emzziiks - Never shipped game
EP3racer - sent a disc only game wrapped in paper, was broken clean in half.
ezy969- made claim that factory sealed game disc was replaced with bootleg copy of RE 1 for ps1, left bogus negative for received illegal/bootleg copy of disc.
faad786- did not send game.
Falsepretense89- Never sent DVD.
fancyshoes- Sent wrong game.
flairgun- Game never received, wouldn't respond to PMs.
Gamakarmica- Did not respond to PMs, never sent game.
Ganning- did not send game (from Canada), lied about sending it several times.
hamesh- Possible scammer.
happytown_1- pc couldn't run game, left negative for game unplayable.
HighCalibur- Really late shipping game, no communication informing of delay.
ironwave- Never sent game.
jahreed- Sent the wrong game.
jaymo357mm - No game sent, no response to PM.
JHSURF44- did not send game, no communication from trader about shipment.
jlknutsen- Has not been shipping games.
Kanemoney- Did not send game, lied about shipping.
lelouch164- Never sent the game.
misarba4- Possible scammer.
misparehad1- Possible scammer.
modog1991- never shipped the game, sent pms and never replied.
Money Mike - listed a game that was missing the cover, case, and second disc as "Full Package" to boost their spot in the queue; response to dispute was "lol sorry about that."
moocow9292- Did not ship game.
nated1455- Very poor packaging- disc only game in a normal envelope and inside it was wrapped in a napkin.
nikodemus2001- did not send game, no contact at all from trader about shipment.
njones8282- 2+ weeks to ship game.
Salvadump- did not send game, lied several times about sending game.
seandamu- Never sent the game. Did not respond to messages.
semikid- Filed bogus feedback after game was received.
SGalbincea- Never sent the game.
shalosh- Possible scammer.
shesh- Possible scammer.
shtaim- Possible scammer.
Silentbob - No game sent, no response to PM.
slyfishbone- Game disc was scratched to hell and wouldn't play.
skeeto119- Never sent the game.
Slim_Shady- Besdies having an awful nickname ;) Never sent the game.
sonicboom1087- did not send game, lied about having game returned by USPS and then resending it.
sooku- Never sent the game. No messages.
SpankyD - No game sent, no response to PM.
Staerling- Game never received, wouldn't respond to PMs.
Stilescrisis- Sent incomplete game from Amazon.
tanth- Sent very scratched copy of MvC for DC.
taz31- Requested disc only and user filed a negative demanding full package, hassle.
thedamnman21- APO address and doesn't understand mail takes longer to get there.
thefareed- did not send game.
Toefuzz- tried to get DMC3 and he never sent it, pmed him about 6 times. system had to refund me my goozex pts.
tysak- Never sent the game.
wekka- Game never received, wouldn't respond to PMs.
wielyx- Came in rental case, plus the game was scratched and wouldn't play.
Xobyte- Sent incomplete game.
xxt2goodxx- Unhappy with condition of game, also took 18 days to send out game.