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#12081738 Happy Dreamcast Day

Posted by xrickyb86x on 10 September 2014 - 06:32 AM

Forgive me for sounding like an ass but wtf were you people when Sega needed you to BUY the Dreamcast?!

Sega has done more for the video game industry, even more than Nintendo(though Miyamoto-san has done a great deal in contributing to quality gameplay) and yet everyone here is just trying to remember fondly.

The Dreamcast had the first modem built into a system with the encouragement of online play and the last game featuring Yoshitaka Amano's artwork as well as the FIRST Co-Operative Survival Horror game(no it wasn't Resident Evil, it was "Legend Of the Seven Mansions" by Koei). The list goes on, even before.

Lets do the video game industry a favor and demand a new console by Sega. Imagine a launch lineup starting with SOA2 as well as bringing back Mizuguchi(?) and Naka-sama as well as Suzuki-sama.

I don't know if your post is tongue in cheek but if it's not your being an ass.

There are so many reasons the Dreamcast failed that it's hard to count on two hands. It boils down to a few things... It's features were ahead of it's time (wealthy people had sustainable internet for the modem. Middle class and lower did not). It's lack of third party support was Nintendo bad but where Nintendo succeeds is in it's first party and creating a brand behind it... Sega didn't. Sega had two mediocre Sonic Adventure games on Dreamcast and Crazy Taxi. The quirky Japanese stuff never caught on (Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue, Chu Chu Rocket) even if a few of us loved those games.

So stop pretending like the Dreamcast is overlooked or some rare piece of hardware people missed out on or dismissed. It's one of my favorite game consoles of all time but I also bought a PS2 a year later and put hundreds of more hours into it. Which you probably did too.

I'll raise a glass of whiskey to the Dreamcast but it was a failed experiment for the game industry to learn from.