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Blog Ender > NXE saved me!

Posted 19 November 2008

I am on my 4th Xbox 360. I have a repair order in for the one that is currently in my living room, and I am waiting for the coffin to arrive.

My problems with the 360 have ranged from the red ring of death, to constant "disc is unreadable" errors (my current issue), to distortion of the audio and video. Even still, I love the 360, and I really believe th...

Blog Ender > Why TMK is yet unlaid.

Posted 02 September 2008

The Mana Knight has openly confessed that not only has he has not yet gotten laid at the ripe ol' age of 25 (almost 26, he pointlessly boasts), but he has also not yet kissed a girl. He's made no definitive statements thus far as to his boy-kissing status.

So then, I must ask: why not? Why hasn't TMK kissed a girl yet? The vast majority of young men hav...

Blog Ender > I refuse.

Posted 19 July 2008

I refuse to do the obligatory "So, I'm starting a blog, I really hope to post lots of good stuff, I didn't know how else to kick off this blog thing" first blog post. This is me refusing.