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In Topic: CAGcast #324: Still Breathing

17 May 2013 - 05:31 PM

I don't understand the guffawing (yes, guffawing) about the Penny Arcade kickstarter.

Honestly, it's not so different than a "name your own price" sale that Steam or individual developers occaisionally hold, where the product is sold for whatever the purchaser wants to pay.

Only this time, a select few are purchasing the product for the crowd to enjoy.

That is why kickstarter is used instead of buying the finished product through Steam or iTunes: so that the product can be crowdfunded while granting access to everyone, instead of only those who donate.

While there certainly is a debate as to whether Penny Arcade could or should provide this product for free, that argument unfortunately comes from an "entitlement" standpoint ("Penny Arcade makes so much money, therefore I should get something for free").

In the end, there's nothing to be upset about here, as Kickstarter is being used as it was intended to: crowdfunding a product into existence.