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#13902666 Best Buy Ad 12/10-12/17: Buy One, Get One 50% Off on select 3DS Games

Posted by DRV on 09 December 2017 - 08:27 AM

Y'all are hilarious.  The Switch is super successful and even garbage like the $40 Street Fighter are selling like hotcakes.  There will be no Switch BOGO sale at Best Buy or anywhere.

#13894541 Best Buy Ad 12/3-12/9: Buy One, Get One 50% Off on select XB1/PS4 Games

Posted by DRV on 28 November 2017 - 11:48 PM

I hope I'm wrong, but with the success of the Switch, I don't think Nintendo will allow Best Buy to do such a sale with Switch games included.  3DS maybe.

#13662593 Best Buy Ad 3/12-3/18

Posted by DRV on 15 March 2017 - 11:39 PM

For Honor is actually a pretty awesome game.  It just fell victim to being released at probably the worst time if you're not Nintendo or Sony.


At that, not having dedicated servers was a bad move.  And if they don't plan on adding some, yeah, it'll die fast if it isn't dead already.

#13602982 Best Buy: Visa Checkout $25 off $100 (expires 1/21)

Posted by DRV on 18 January 2017 - 05:19 PM

What are people stuffing into their carts after picking two $48 games?

#13583729 Download Lost Odyssey for free! For real this time! (Deal is dead, no...

Posted by DRV on 31 December 2016 - 08:22 AM

FF buttons are horrible, and they're basically destroying their own fanbase by including them. It sends a message that 'turn-based combat is boring,' which is only going to lead to fewer people appreciating it in the future.

I wouldn't go THAT far.  Grinding adds so many hours to a game that we can be putting somewhere else, and being unable to skip 5 minute summon animations would go a long way.

#13535580 NES Classic Controller 6' Extension Cables -- 2 for $6 @ Amazon

Posted by DRV on 24 November 2016 - 01:31 AM

May arrive AFTER Christmas?


I appreciate the effort, but no thanks. :-\

#13506474 Target Weekly Ad 10/30-11/05- Buy 2 Get 1 FREE all video games

Posted by DRV on 01 November 2016 - 03:54 PM

I don't understand how people can admit to playing it and live with themselves. It's been terrible for years and is a large reason why Activision is irrelevant in the gaming market. They don't try, it's all copy/paste. When they canned GH that was the end. Personally I won't devalue my collection with their crap.


It would be great if one of the other shooters could take over. I don't have BF yet and Overwatch grew stale because they aren't releasing DLC. I simply don't have respect for CoD players, not that those kiddies care...

Overwatch didn't grow stale.


I, for one, am nothing close to an FPS player, and I just spent $20 on a Overwatch Halloween loot boxes yesterday.  What the game is doing is terrific.  Who the hell needs DLC when there's a bunch of free updates and awesome in-game events?

#13319495 Best Buy Ad 5/15-5/21

Posted by DRV on 07 May 2016 - 06:53 PM

Quantum Break went down quick.

#13089180 Best Buy Ad 12/13-12/19: Buy 1 get 2nd 40% off on Nintendo published games

Posted by DRV on 08 December 2015 - 08:38 PM

Yeah, Yoshi is quite good.  Still a Yoshi game so no huge surprises but it's charming all around.

I thought the S-Rank levels that you unlock by getting all the items were a damn huge surprise.  Each of those levels are so damn fun and they're a testament to the expert level design from the Treehouse.

#13088916 Best Buy Ad 12/13-12/19: Buy 1 get 2nd 40% off on Nintendo published games

Posted by DRV on 08 December 2015 - 07:38 PM

If you're on the fence on Yoshi, get over the fence.  If everybody wasn't slobbering over Mario Maker, that would be the Wii U GOTY.

#13050894 Black Friday 2015 Video Game Deals - Master Thread

Posted by DRV on 24 November 2015 - 06:33 AM

Dumb question perhaps but how does the remote play work for ps4?
Might pick up the PSTV since it's on sale.

Lets say I want to play Borderlands on my ps4 (2 and Pre sequel) with two other people but don't want to move my ps4 from my room to the living room. Will it lag like hell ? Will it even work? Do you need a memory card and a vita for that kind of stuff? Never tried it, just opened my ps4 yesterday, I'd really like to know.

You just need to have the PS4 on.  As long as you don't live in a mansion, you should be okay.

If you have a Wii U and GamePad, it's the same thing.

#12499659 New Nintendo 3DS Bundles up for Preorder at Gamestop, Best Buy, Target! (...

Posted by DRV on 14 February 2015 - 03:28 AM

This is literally the dumbest thing I have read this year.  Then don't take part in conversations on message boards that don't interest you.

Imagine yourself at 12 years old, being extremely excited that Nintendo is releasing such a cool item.


You tell your parents about how cool it is every day, and they agree with you, but they're not going to get it for you.


So while you aren't old enough, you work and you work through other means in order to make enough to afford what the asking price is for that new fangled gizmo.


And then you make that trip to the store after not getting a wink of sleep due to the excitement of what's to be a great accomplishment and possible investment... only to find out that somebody beat you to it.  Multiple times.  And that someone won't share.


There's no pride in that.  To that kid, you're an asshole.  To his family, you're an asshole.  To all the people you walked by, you're an asshole.


Maybe it's not wrong or right, but nobody is wrong to think you're an asshole.

#11661839 Target AD 4-6 to 4-12 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all video games)

Posted by DRV on 02 April 2014 - 04:03 PM

Bravely default will be 27 with gcu next week at best buy

I don't know what GCU is.  If it's their premium thing, I'm already an Amazon Prime and GameStop PUR member.  I don't need to have another of these memberships.