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In Topic: Cagcast transitioning from a videogame podcast to a 1%er playground..

19 December 2015 - 03:43 AM

dont hate. when it comes to video games, money doesnt matter. you dont need to be rich to play videogames.


hope things get better for you but its not their problem that youre unhappy you can't do something that theyve done. everyone has a limited amount of time to do stuff in life and we have video games in common.


they're entertaining. a little too much pcpcpc from cheapy sometimes but whatever.


their site has saved me a ton of money on games. more power to them as long as they stay honest.

In Topic: Thinking of selling my collection. Best way to go about it?

21 August 2015 - 07:55 PM

Thanks. How do i figure out whats valuable and whats not?


Just compare what others are selling the same stuff for on ebay or is there a good site?




Would it be better to list the consoles separate from the bulk games or with them?

In Topic: CAGcast #405: Bugs

04 May 2015 - 01:10 PM

Havent had a chance to listen to the episode yet, but are you guys going to boycott Batman Arkham Knight on release for its $40 season pass like you did with Evolve? These season passes are really getting out of hand. 


Edit: HAHA I called it. First topic of the episode. Nailed it. I'm also now thinking of waiting on the game.... $100 on release? And less than a year later there will probably be a goty version with dlc bundled.


100% agreement on robobatman. I like him to rely on his wits and ninja skills


I don't mind MKX. I play it a little bit every other day. There's so much to learn that if you're really into fighting games youll want to develop your skills day by day. 


Get a 2-3yr warranty on the watch in my opinion. Apple products are impossible to repair yourself since you can't open them up. Planned Obsolescence. I had an ipod nano break after 1 year days after the limited warranty from gentle use.

In Topic: CAGcast #404: Shipwreck Dreams of Cables

24 April 2015 - 12:50 PM

I picked up Evolve this week. It was on sale at BestBuy which stacked with my GCU and point certificiate. Gotta say it's probably the most fun game on the PS4 for me right now. You definitely get your moneyworth for the standard game. It'll probably rival my playtime in Destiny.


I wouldnt worry about the DLC for it. The season pass is basically just addition hunters you can play as. And then theres an additional monster to buy which is kinda steep but maybe itll go on sale later. But you get the new maps for free and you can play with people regardless of who has what. With the 12 hunters you get from the start, you'll get loads of playtime with the standard game alone. I dont feel bad about not having the dlc at all. I probably will drop the additional 25 bucks because this game is taking up alot of my time lately. But each hunter has so many tricks to learn to play them effectively that you'll want to keep using the same ones and master their playstyle before moving to the next one.


It feels infinitely replayable with all the random level effects. The lighting and pouring rain for example is one possible weather effect that looks really damn cool and i just love the atmosphere of being on the hunt for a giant elusive monster with friends. It's just the most fun thing to play if I want to play a coop game. I think you guys would like it if you got a chance to play together as a team. Playing as the monster is also really damn fun. It's like being the boss in a videogame.


The only thing i'm worried about in the new Star Wars movie is which character they are going to kill off. Lucas was the only one holding back Harrison Ford and the writer from Empire (who is now writing Ep7) from killing off Han Solo according to one of the documentaries and now he's out of the way. Also there was a youtube commment that mentioned how in Ep1 Qui-Gon Jinn dies in front of his apprentice Obi-Wan who then died in Ep4 in front of his apprentice Luke. So if the death pattern continues Luke would then die in Ep.7 in front of new guy/girl... I'm pretty convinced one of the main characters is going to die in the new Star Wars to accelerate the path of the new protagonist and I dont really want either to die. But I wouldnt hate on the movie if it happened.


I have faith the movie will be awesome because I really liked all the other stuff JJ has done and they are really making an effort to go oldschool with the practical effects. As long as we get some killer dialogue to accompany the action it'll be a classic. Good dialogue is what makes rewatching them so much fun because you can analyze the character progression. The character arc of Han Solo going from smuggler to rebel leader is just like one example. You can't have a good story without good character development and you cant have good character development without good dialogue. When you just have cgi action sequence after action sequence there's not as much draw to go back and rewatch the cardboard characters. Some of the interactions in 1-3 were really cringeworthy. So i also really like how they made an effort to get talented people without big names. 

In Topic: CAGcast #402: Iron Nose

11 April 2015 - 03:12 AM

First Tuesday of every month just go onto the sony site and put all the freebies into your basket. Even if you don't download em, youll have em if you ever wanna play em later.


Say hi to the 1st boss and use the bold hunters mark to escape. Meeting a boss for the first time gives 1 insight point which allows you to level up. Key to the first boss is using the gun right before hes about to hit you then walking up to him for a stab and moltov him when he gets low.


Hardest bosses in the game will be the 2nd and 3rd bosses and everything after that is pretty cake with all the leveling and ability to summon people to coop with. 3rd boss is actually easy when you figure out the easy way of avoiding his swipes. Ive killed em without him touching me. Story mode stuff is all pretty easy. Theres a few bosses in the chalice dungeons that made my hands sweaty though. Chalice dungeons are the best part of the game along with the npc stories and interactions.