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Thinking of selling my collection. Best way to go about it?

21 August 2015 - 06:14 PM

What would be the best way to sell off my collection of video games and consoles? I'm not expecting much. I'm mainly just looking to get rid of a lot of my stuff this year so moving is less of a hassle.


Should I post lit on Ebay or is there a better place to sell them?

Should I post each console with its games or the entire collection as 1 package? 

Is it really worth my time to look up prices on each game? i'm assuming not but idk.

Should I make a spreadsheet with all of the game titles?


What's the best way to go about this?


Here's a rough idea of the collection (although im sure ive left things out):


NES - 15 games, 2 controllers, lightgun, gamegenie


SNES - 30 games, 2  controllers, gamegenie


N64 - 30 games, 4 controllers, memory cards, rumble packs 


Dreamcast - 10 games, 2 controllers, 2 memory cards (1 with screen, 1 with 4x storage)


PS2 - 50 games, 2 controllers, driving wheel, 2 loaded memory cards (i "100%'d" most games)


Gamecube - 20 games, 2 controllers, 1 wireless controller


XBOX - 25 games, 4 controllers


PS3 - 60 games, standard controller, powerA controller, move controller


Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gamegear with carrying cases etc, handful of games each


I also have around 10 or so PS1 games and a memory card for them but sold the console itself when i got the PS2.



All the systems have all the necessary cords and are in working condition and were never around children. I take pretty good care of my stuff.


I kept all of the instruction manuals for every game and their original cases/sleeves or the plastic baggies they came with in packaging for example with N64 games.

SSD Deal?

23 March 2015 - 04:30 AM

I'm thinking about getting the 1tb 850 evo ssd for my ps4 since it got price cut down to $370.


$.37 per gb seems like it's one of the better deals on this brand of ssd but compared to mechanical 7200rpm drives priced as low as $.05 per gb they still have alot of room to drop.


Should I pull the trigger now or wait for a black friday type sale in the future when there will be possibly larger ssds. Basically how good of a deal is this relative to the eventual drop in SSD prices?


And yeah i know the PS4 is limited by the sata 2 which can only transfer 220mb/sec? But I looked up 7200 rpm drives and it seems they only transfer 80 or 90mb at best. So even if it's limited it will still be much faster. Hybrids had load times about on par with the 7200 drives so im not really interested in those either.


I'm mainly looking into this because bloodborne supposedly has up to 50 second load times if you die near the beginning of a level (before the day 1 patch which may improve load times).


And I  guess I could decide to put the default drive back in and use the ssd towards a future pc build.


I guess i'll wait and see how much the load times bother me first but im looking to get more input on this before i spend that much money.