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Blog hostyl1 > Einhorn is Finkle?

Posted 27 April 2013

Finkle is Einhorn!
Damn, I should have seen that coming. For those who have finished "the game that shall not be named here" and seen Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, you get what I'm saying.

Blog hostyl1 > Happy National Pancake Day!

Posted 28 February 2012


Go to IHOP and get your free short stack .
That is all.

Blog hostyl1 > Life Achievement Unlocked: Survived an Earthquake

Posted 23 August 2011

I'm sure our West Coast friends are s$$$$ering (didnt expect snig-gerring to be censored; fine substitute in 'snickering') at us East Coasters and our 'lowly' 5.8 quake, but, having grown up in the Midwest (Chicago) and now living in the Mid-Atlantic (No VA), I didnt really think an earthquake was in the cards. Now, the midwest is home to the biggest fau...

Blog hostyl1 > My Random Thoughts on Nintendo's Future

Posted 21 June 2011

I originally started writing as a response to mm2barry's blog (which I'll shout out here ), but I noticed I was getting long winded and was taking his/her blog down my own path so I decided to just post it here. Comments appreciated, thanks for reading.

Nintendo is stuck in this weird place. At this point, I dont see how copying exactly what MS/Sony a...

Blog hostyl1 > Ten Minutes to Bears v. Packers

Posted 23 January 2011

To quote Bart Scott "CAN'T WAIT!"