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Blog Jay > Walking Dead The Game is Overrated

Posted 31 December 2012

How this game received goty by spiketv is beyond me,it is boring and no the game has no innovation whatsover, this is basically old point and click gameplay from back in the day.I'm sorry but not into this whole walking dead phase,i'm not the kind of person to like something because its popular by sheep and is commercialize to the masses, but walking dead...

Blog Jay > Medal Of Honor: Warfighter= Pure Garbage

Posted 09 October 2012

Why for the love of god would anyone invest money or time in this p.o.s rigt before black ops 2 is just around the corner,i mean the demo is nothing but i headache you got bad spawns left and right,guns that do no damage and one of the worst maps you could have release with the demo.

I'm not a cod fanboy or anything i play bf3 and homefront,i wanted this...

Blog Jay > I'm going to welcome digital gaming

Posted 26 February 2012

For the sole reason to screw gamestop and put them out of buisness,i mean come giving someone 2 bucks for a game they purchase for 30 is ridiculous and shady.I think i can compare gamestop owners to they fat guy who own megaupload freakin shady buisness characters who are just to damn greedy.

Blog Jay > I will never accept this "new" star trek

Posted 12 May 2009

I'm sick of people telling us old star trek fans to embrace this new movie as being something that has resurrected the star trek franchise , people who have loved star trek since beginning has a right to dislike something that has been raped and butchered too attract "mainstream" viewers, so if you have a right to bitch about how much you like the flick,...

Blog Jay > ***************

Posted 19 July 2008