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In Topic: Taco bell Eclipse Xbox One X Contest

23 November 2019 - 04:47 PM

Congrats to the people that won. This contest makes it 3 years in a row of losing for me. Too many people caught on to the early morning entries, to win.

In Topic: Taco bell Eclipse Xbox One X Contest

16 November 2019 - 03:49 PM

Won at 2 am this morning

Congrats. What is your win count now? IIRC you have won every Taco Bell contest so far.


After losing the past 2 years in a row, I have given up hope on ever winning again (only won the PSVR). Losing this year doesn't feel so bad because the NextBox is coming out next year. That's the one that I want to win.

In Topic: YMMV My Best Buy Mystery Rewards Certificate

31 October 2019 - 05:57 PM

I spent my $5 cert on a $8 32gb SanDisk flash drive that was on sale. There other SanDisk flash drives on sale if anyone is looking for something to buy with their certs.


https://www.bestbuy....=All Categories

In Topic: Target Cartwheel Deals September 22nd - 28th: R.I.P. Cartwheel

22 September 2019 - 04:23 PM

Thanks OP for the cartwheel threads. I used cartwheel for other stuff like food and household items. Will also miss the percentage off of consoles and games.

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

12 August 2019 - 01:06 PM

Here is the updated version of the $5 bonus trade promo.