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#14287781 CAGcast #634: How Wombat Really Got His Name

Posted by Lord Jezo on 10 May 2020 - 12:06 PM

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For the 15th show, how about in addition to the memories from the episodes what about "What was your life like 15 years ago?" question to both all of you and the listeners to see how much has changed in the decade and a half that we all have been listening?  I bet most people will have some very major differences between 2005 and today.

#13067360 CAGcast #430: A Very CAGcast Thanksgiving

Posted by Lord Jezo on 28 November 2015 - 11:47 PM



It's called baby fever.  My wife was pregnant with my 3rd child at age 38 despite telling me that she was on the pill.  Don't worry though.  3 isn't that much crazier from 2.  Enjoy

Was listening in the car with the wife, she looked at me as soon as she heard the confusion of all the guys on the show and said "She wants to have another baby".  Seemed very obvious to her.  


So, Godspeed Wombat, lay that seed in there and get that child growing deep in the womb.


I supposed we can talk about this now that he broached the subject with the listeners.


Now that everyone is back in NYC (area) does this mean we get to take Wombat out for a huge CAG male baby shower extravaganza send off party?

#12642342 Cagcast transitioning from a videogame podcast to a 1%er playground..

Posted by Lord Jezo on 16 April 2015 - 01:04 AM

It's been happening slowly but with the Shipwreck basement extravaganza we have finally hit a point where common people can no longer relate to the show.  



Just think about it..


First we have Cheapy.  He went from one of the most expensive cities in the world to one of the most expensive cities in the world.  He throws around little things to let us all know how rich he is.  While most of us are having a hard time affording the Dollar Menu at McDonalds he is chowing down at elite Iron Chef restaurants.



Yeah, sure.  Then he has a MoMA pass.  Up to $12,000?  Look at how much is tax deductible.  He doesn't care about art, it's a tax shelter. 




He lives on Long Island.  Home of Howard Stern and famous for some of the largest parties in the United States.  You need to be a millionaire just to afford a basic house.  Works in Manhattan, shakes down poor honest hard working delivery people for cash in these crazy schemes, and feels good about himself while playing on our pity about bloody noses.


Shipwreck?  This guy is a war profiteer who designs helicopters while living in a massive compound in the midwest.  With a basement larger than what most people even called a home just a few years ago (double it for basement+at least one more floor and he's above what we all have today), he lives like a king.


So, the Cagcast.  I guess it's a good way to see how the upper crust live, a view into a life none of us will ever have, and at least Cheapy plays some good rap music sometimes.




#11959560 Wobmat forcing gender identity stereotypes on his son.

Posted by Lord Jezo on 27 July 2014 - 03:04 PM

A couple of episodes ago Wombat mentioned causally that he is getting rid of his daughters toys (dolls?) because his son does not want to play with such things.


I find this offensive to his normally liberal lifestyle and makes one wonder if he is liberal in his actions towards others, such as calling every black person African American, even if they are not from America, and at home has his family live a much different style of life.

Why did he force sexual identification onto his son instead of letting his child discover himself?  The boy may prefer dolls and dresses over whatever Wombat deems a male activity.  Maybe his son likes tea parties and dolls instead of traditionally masculine activities.  By removing this option from his house and ridding the place of small girl activities we now may never know what should have been instead of what Wombat wants.

#11791381 Is Wombat's "accident" in NYC actually a cry for help?

Posted by Lord Jezo on 27 May 2014 - 01:26 AM

CheapyD is a world traveler with an elite lifestyle living in one of the richest cities on the planet.


Shipwreck is as rich as Americans come, working for the military industrial complex designing tools of war.


Wombat lives in Long Island and is forced to ride mass transit to go to a job where is is treated like dozens of others on a floor of a building in a city of nameless humans.


So did Wombat get in his crash with this delivery biker just to make himself finally stand apart from the other hosts of the Cagcast?  Was he acting out in order to make himself stand out on the podcast and get the attention he needed?


I feel bad for him but Wombat throwing himself into danger while having two children at home is an act of desperation we should all be concerned for.


Wombat, stand strong, don't let the others bring you down, the internet is here for you.

#11440130 Was the introduction of Shipwreck's sexuality in 2013 a mistake for the d...

Posted by Lord Jezo on 13 January 2014 - 11:48 AM

Up until 2013 Shipwreck remained the person on the show who held everything together.


With Cheapy's crazy drug stories and Wombat's wild adventures in NYC, Shipwreck was the middle America wholesome boy who cared about basketball and transformers.  Even in the face of the two other hosts he never faltered and if things got too bad he would just go quiet.


Then everything changed.


The most egregious example so far of how he has fallen has been with the Kinect for the Xbox one.  When the crew was discussing how they weren't sure if they wanted it connected at all time's Shipwreck started to talk about his bedroom and how that is not where he wants to be watched.


Total shock from the audience.  Here was our foundation speaking candidly about what goes on behind closed doors.  


I guess peer pressure is too much for even the most stable of us to deal with after years and years of abuse.  With 2013 being a pivotal year for the show I wonder where it will all go from here, will it continue it's decent into pure debauchery or can it be saved.


Whatever may come, though, I'll keep on listening and hope that one day I once again see Wombat in the flesh and am given the opportunity to call out his name in pure glee as he walks past me like the total boss he is. 

#11095861 Wobat refuses to call anyone black yet slanders gays, Asians, Christians, and...

Posted by Lord Jezo on 28 September 2013 - 01:03 PM

Well he does work in an ad agency, I pushed it a little bit far with that statement, it was him bragging about his new expensive car that sent me on a tear.


But really though, he refuses to call people black.  It all came to a peak that time he called the security guards you had to shoot in Hong Kong "African American", it was from that point on I noticed how much of a aversion he has to the word, it doesnt matter if you are from America or of a completely foreign nationality who has never been to this side of the globe, to Wombat you are always African American.

#11078632 Wobat refuses to call anyone black yet slanders gays, Asians, Christians, and...

Posted by Lord Jezo on 21 September 2013 - 11:32 PM

Every since, I think, Army of Two, or whatever that shitty fist pumping game was, Wombat on the podcast has never used the term black person, he even went as far as to call some guys from Jamacian decent or whatever they were who had nothing to do with America "African-American"


F u !


If you are not even a citizen of America you are not American, so how the hell could some black dudes in Hong Kong be called African Americans?


Yet with his refusal to use the term black he will call out Christians by using the Lord's name in vain, mocks Asians by calling games "Japanesy", and has fun with the homosexual population by joking about getting dicks in his ass when jokes are made.


This needs to be stopped, Wombat is a broken political correctness machine out of control.  He thinks that because he is some high powered NYC media mogul he can do what he wants and and everyone will accept it.


It's time to bring this to an end.