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NYCC Trade Thread Meetup Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, Doctor Who Titans and More

06 October 2015 - 02:58 AM

I figured I would start a thread for anyone who will be attending New York Comic Con and had items they would like to trade while there.


Looking to complete my Animal Crossing Amiibo Card set and have the following for trade:

001, 002(x2), 005(x2), 008(x2), 010, 011(x3), 014(x2), 015(x5), 018, 019(x4), 022, 024, 026, 027, 028, 029, 030(x2), 032(x3), 033(x3), 035, 036(x2), 037, 038(x4), 040, 041, 042, 043(x2), 044, 046(x2), 047(x2), 050(x3), 053(x2), 056(x2), 057, 059(x2), 060, 061, 063, 064(x3), 065(x2), 067, 068(x2), 070(x3), 072(x3), 074(x3), 077, 078(x2), 079(x2), 084, 085(x4), 087(x2), 091, 092(x4), 093, 094, 100(x2)


I am looking for:

007, 009, 013, 021, 023, 025, 045, 049, 051, 058, 066, 073, 082, 099


As for other items for trade:

Doctor Who Titans Vinyl (10th Doctor Series) - Clockwork Robot (1/40 purple ver), Vashta Nerada, 10th Doctor (2/20 blue suit w/ brown stripes ver), 10th Doctor (1/40 Brown suit w/ blue stripes ver), Weeping Angel, Adipose, Dalek Sec, Davros,


Doctor Who Titans Vinyl (Rebel Time Lord Collection) - 12th Doctor (dark purple suit ver)


Doctor Who Titans Vinyl ( 11th Doctor set) - Oswin Oswald


Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) Funko Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure - Predator(x2), Predator w/ blood, ET, Judge Dredd


Amiibos (new) - Ness, King DDD, Palutina (1st ed), Greninja (1st ed), Jigglypuff




Looking to do even titan trades for characters I don't have (I will update tomorrow what I am missing but you can pm me trades anyway. To get started I have none of the Doctor Who titans from any of the other sets not mentioned above)

The amiibos I had for trading purposes for future waves but I am willing to accept trade offers. Some things I am looking for are the Animal Crossing Amiibo Card binder album  (the UK or US promotional ver) and Doctor Who figs (especially the Angels) or Nintendo merch. Also need a Chibi Robo amiibo which releases Friday (doesn't matter if it isn't US version or if open).


PM me any offers and feel free to post items you are looking to trade at NYCC :)