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#13696521 *LAST DAY* FS: Alienware Alpha i3 w/ 8gb ram and 120gb SSD $300

Posted by poopdogjr on 22 April 2017 - 12:44 AM

I have a Alpha and I love it. For $300 that's a darn good deal!

#12938266 Best Buy $10 Reward Certificates Pre-order Promo.

Posted by poopdogjr on 25 September 2015 - 06:24 PM

Just a reminder, when looking at your account, look under the date you preordered for the points. Not the date the game released.

Thanks for this. The website does list it as giving me 500 points. So I guess it must have worked. It's gotten kinda hard to go on there an try and track everything at this point. I do still have some certificates I can issue, so perhaps everything is up and up. I appreciate the info.

#12916857 Target Clearance Thread XXII

Posted by poopdogjr on 13 September 2015 - 04:12 AM

I don't believe that there was any more clearance at this Target store then I have seen at any others. The reduced prices had to be entered manually after items were ringed and people were purchasing large amounts of stuff. Very strange that it was only for such a brief time. I wish I had more time to look around or had been able to get a external hard drive or some of the other clearanced items people have been talking about on here. But I did not spot any in my quick search.

#3885733 Have: Wolfenstein 2: New Colosus PS4 + Pre Oder Bonus, Steam Games, Mass Ef...

Posted by poopdogjr on 12 March 2008 - 09:47 PM



Photos of Most Items:


Action Figure Photos



Video Game Photos:



PlayStation 4
Wolfenstein 2 - New Colossus - $42 Shipped
Will throw in the Best Buy Pre Order Code

Duck Game
Rise & Shine
Small Radios Big Televisions
Volgarr the Viking
Westerado: Doubel Barreled
Galatic Civilizations Ultimate Edition
Galatic Civilization 2 Ultimate Edition
Space Hulk Ascension
Else Heart.Break
Evoland 2
Shadowrun Hong Kong Extended Edition
Stronghold Crusader 2
Victor Vran
Epic Battle Fantasy 4


Galactic Civilizations Ultimate Edition

Galatic Civilizations 2 - Ultimate Edition

Space Hulk Ascension




Killing Floor

Killing Floor - Chickenator DLC

Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack 1 DLC

Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack 2 DLC

Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack 3 DLC


The Escapists - Base Game

The Escapists - Alcatraz

The Escapists - Duct Tapes are Forever

The Escapists - Escape Team

The Escapists - Fhurst Peak



Shadowrun Chronicles - Boston 

Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut

Shadowrun Returns






Stronghold Crusader 2

Victor Vran

Epic Battle Fantasy 4


Minion Masters

Mordheim City of the Damned

Western Press Mk Cans II Character DLC

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

Magicka 2

Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas










Origin Keys
The Sims 3 
The Sims 3 - High End loft Stuff
The Sims 3 - Late Night
The Sims 3 - Date Night




Playstation 4:


Mass Effect Andromeda - Steelcase







Seagate 3 TB Personal Cloud Hard Drive - New un-opened
Razer Tartarus - Chroma
- New 
Action Figures
- Godzilla 2014 - Loose
- Crysis 2 - Nanosuit
1998 GODZILLA MOVIE Shatter Blaster Rocket Launcher Figure - Loose
Mario Kart 64 - Wario - Nintendo Video Game Super Stars - 2000
Tron Legacy - Quorra  MOC
Adventure Time - Finn & Jake - MOC
- Paypal
- Steam Games
- PS4 Games