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Blog liberaltugboat > BlazOrange

Posted 27 October 2009

I just finished carving my pumpkin for Halloween...
This year I decided to pay respect to my GOTY

Blog liberaltugboat > Face = melted

Posted 16 October 2009

Well Here we are again...
Went to Best Buy today to pick up Brutal Legend, and after grabbing a copy I noticed they have a shelf of games that were "buy any game an get 50% of any one of these games"
After looking through them (it was really just clearance type games) I did find one game I was interested in... Tetris Evolution
They had it marked as 19.99,...

Blog liberaltugboat > One more for Stack

Posted 15 October 2009

Well, I stopped by Game Crazy today (its about 30 miles away, but I was down in that area already) and rifled through the used sections (all of them) and even though there was a 2 for 1 sale going on, I could only come up with one game I really wanted...
Metal Gear Ac!d 2
I have always been curious about the MGA games since they first came out. Seemed lik...

Blog liberaltugboat > How many titles at a time?

Posted 14 October 2009

With my upcoming purchase of Brutal Legend on Thursday, my current "now playing" count should be up to like 8 games. Does this seem ridiculous? Can that many games truly be managed properly? That is more then one per system I own. And I am getting the hankering to start a couple more from the backlog.
I guess I have an issue with sticking with one game ti...

Blog liberaltugboat > I need an intervention...

Posted 13 October 2009

Well the reviews for Brutal Legend are starting to come out...
I really liked the demo and everything I have seen of it, but just knowing how much different and fun the game turned out makes me foam at my mouth.
I am actually considering going to the midnight release tonight, not because I want to stay up and play it (cause I have work in...