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Today, 04:42 AM

You are lucky indeed! A Cliff Hanger, Tempest, and two cocktail tables! What are the two cocktails? As for multiple players on one unit, I'd like to see how well Bubble Bobble accomplishes that. It's simple compared to SFII; less demanding of space but I wonder if two players can comfortably use the same unit at once. I managed to play two player on the Coleco tabletop version of Pac-Man just fine, and that's about half the size of this unit. Of course, I was much younger and smaller then, as were the people I played with.

The 1/4 scale is the perfect size, at least it has been for the single player and alternate 2 player games(It can be used without major compromises needing to be made). I never really had any plans to use these for 2 players co-op, as it never seemed feasible, and my main draws to these is the games being authentic for display purposes. It's just icing on the cake when SF was actually very playable, just not ideal, but cool to have the option to play it as is.


Those Coleco games were the best(not really, but for the time, amazing), and one of the few toys from my childhood, that I never received as a gift. I bought a whole set as an adult, but sold them off years ago when making room and paying down some debts. I recently found the Game & Watch emulator, which actually emulates some of those old Coleco games, great memories. Every time I buy one of these newer units, I think of those old Coleco offerings, and thinking how I wished those would have been this good back then.


My two cocktails are Donkey Kong and a DK Jr., both in rather good condition, especially considering there both original. Neither seem to have seen much use, or appear to have been used in any real bar settings(Thank God). LOL

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Yesterday, 11:05 PM

Kind of wish it was reversed, as the Quarter Arcade machines, for the most part, would work fine at 1/6th scale. Meanwhile, the Replicades would benefit from being larger.

Yep, this is very true, as QA is just doing up down, left and right and fire at this point, while Replicades seem to be doing more obscure control schemes(rotary dial, 6 button, trackball, etc.). That smaller nob for Tempest was still to big and was pretty much non functional due to it's size, so that was for display only, which was fine, as I have a full size Tempest in storage as well(the only other full size I own, and 2 cocktails). I bought New Wave's to show support, and hopefully to see better games like we have seen, as Tempest was always going to be a "less than" option for me. As the display was just as important as the rotary dial, and while both worked, they fell short of what made Tempest what it was in the arcade. Which is why I bought an arcade cab, as emulation just doesn't due that game justice.


SF2 was a cool trade off, at least for me, as two sets of controls on a unit that small was never going to work even if they had room. So offering 2 USB ports, to add a joystick or pad was the best option, as two people can much better share the one screen, so long as no one is using the front controls. Not ideal, but usable, especially for some quick SF smack-downs. LOL Track & Field from QA should be pretty good, but SF2 even with them was going to have issues, just because of how heavy handed some can be with the controls. But it for sure would have been better at 1/4 VS. 1/6 scale, no question.

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Yesterday, 01:10 PM

True indeed. I wonder if Quarter Arcade's Space Invaders machine will feature the painted backdrop and mirror effect seen in the original. Speaking of which, right now Quarter Arcades are unfortunately full price on Gamestop's early Black Friday deals. However, this is only day 1 of 4. Also, if I remember correctly, the sale last year didn't happen on Black Friday, but during the time period between the end of Thanksgiving and start of Christmas.

I actually posted the deal here last year, and the first day I noticed it, was on that Friday(BF), and it ran through Cyber Monday if memory serves. At the time, I wasn't even looking for a deal, but just checking on GS getting the newest models, and what their pricing would be. Then, not only did they have them for $100, but a few of the newest models for preorders had that price. I'm pretty sure that was some form of mistake, or GS just wanted to try and clear out bigger items not moving in their warehouses. Galaga was brand new, and had just gone live that week on the site and Mrs. Pac-man was the next game due any day at the time, and both saw the discount. That would be like getting a PS5 this week for a discount, WTF!? Mistake or not, I took advantage. LOL


I would assume Space Invaders will be spot on, as being 1/4 scale instead of 1/6, pretty much allows for the finest of details the Replicades might not. And I love the Replicades, as Centipede was damn near perfect at that size, but Tempest being 1/6 scale, made the spinner less than perfect, and not really the proper size to go with the unit. That's why I would prefer any games with "special needs" like a Tron or something, would be better from Quarter Arcade, as nothing New Wave could offer will be close to right at 1/6. That being said, they nailed the Joystick and 6 buttons on that Street Fighter, and while not ideal, functions better than some arcade machines I've used over the years. I just order a few extra from their BF sale, as that mini joystick is just to cool. 

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22 November 2020 - 01:23 PM

I'd also love to see Time Traveler.

I would love to see Time Traveler, and I think that is something they may actually be able to pull off, and have it be pretty cool. The only issue I see for that one, is the 1/6 scale, as those holograms were beyond small to begin with, and that was on a HUGE arcade cab. I think the image may be to small, but that's an issue for R&D I suppose, but I think if done right, even though niche, that could sell well for the WOW factor(if it works well?).


Thanks. Been eying that Artcade book.

Yeah, that's a killer book BTW, and I even thought about ordering it again since I have the original, and this is an updated version. But I went down that rabbit hole years ago, so now I just stick with the "first printing", as those end up more desired in the end, even if other copies have expanded information. 

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21 November 2020 - 07:17 PM

You have the real thing. How did you get it? They're pretty popular, and quite valuable; I've seen discs alone go for a few hundred on Ebay, and that was years ago. As far as New Wave/Quarter Arcade go, I'll be happy if they do SA and/or DL2. I'll do my part to see they sell well, getting in on the Kickstarter this time. Maybe if they sell well, they'll have the confidence to do others, like MACH 3 or Thayer's Quest. 

New Wave Toys BF sale is live, and I just grabbed a handful of items. https://newwavetoys.com


I'm sure SA/DL2 are only a matter of time, and I would love to see some more obscure LD offerings, but most of those are so niche, I'm just not sure of the financial likely hood of those happening. MACH 3 had that cool flight stick, and not sure how that would translate, but I'm sure it would be better than the keyboard needed for Thayer's Quest. I would love to see any and all LD games offered, but outside of just a select few(DL being the best), most just aren't that interesting to the consumer buying public at large.


I bought my CH probably over 10 years ago off Ebay during a time when I had a decent disposable income, and I figured it was a once in a lifetime buy(it was fully restored). A friend of mine had a LD for his own planned purchase, and since he never got around to it, I bought his extra disc as well. So I have the one that came with the unit, and at least one extra disc, but I think I bought even one more over the years, but not 100% on that. I've seen a few machines over the years offered, but stuff like this is normally more a local sell, than online, due to shipping cost. So only ever seen a few on Ebay in varying conditions over the years, but yeah, they are very rare.