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#14348765 The unOFFICIAL Art Book Pre-Order Thread

Posted by chrislaustin on 19 November 2020 - 05:00 PM

I pre-ordered the Kingdom Hearts Ultimania right when it was announced, even though I'm unsure if I'm even going to actually get it. Since Amazon does these random price drops during the pre-order period, I pre-order any art book I have even a passing interest in to get the lowest price. They don't do pre-authorizations and don't charge until they ship, so it's best just to pre-order and cancel later.

Yeah, this is the way to go, as I often miss the first discount, but will get in on the 2nd or 3rd, just depending on how long the pre-order period is and when you place your order. Often times, the first discount is the lowest, but it most certainly is a YMMV type situation, as the earliest you can get in the queue, the better off you'll be.

#14331406 Japanese Niche Games Deals & Discussion Thread 4.0

Posted by chrislaustin on 01 October 2020 - 06:09 PM

As far as my son is concerned, this was the greatest Smash announcement since sliced bread, as he's been bouncing off the walls since he woke up. I'm pretty sure he spoke to me about it for 10-15 minutes this morning while I was on the treadmill with my headphones on, and I couldn't hear a thing, but I don't think he cared. LOL

#14328661 Super Mario 3D All Stars (Physical) up for preorder

Posted by chrislaustin on 23 September 2020 - 09:51 PM

I don't have you blocked because when you're actually posting about stuff you like (ex: in the Artbook thread) I find your posts informative. In this thread it seems by your response like you think you are providing some sort of valuable public service with your constant negativity and believe me you are not. We all know just to scroll right past because it's the same post rewritten a thousand times. Like I said before focus on what you like and let the negativity go.

I guess that's the difference between me and most, I just post the truth as I see it, and if you like it(the book thread)it's great, but when it's against "N"(you don't), see how that works? My info is as honest there, as it is here, you just like my content there, but not here, and that's cool, but I'm the same in each thread. I'll go months on end with no negativity against "N", but when people throw rocks in their glass houses, I grab the shit stick and go to work!!! LOL


I'll post issues in the LRG thread, and sometimes it's in the positive, and sometimes it's not. I'm not making post to please, or not please people, but to state my own opinion and truth and provide info. I've also backed many book publishers in the book thread, and I've stated issues with some others when I've had issues. 


I only came to this thread to ask about the 3D All Stars on Friday, as I needed info buying a copy for my son, and I posted my info on my return from Walmart. No hate, no issues, or the like, just the info on my outing to inform and maybe help those looking to buy 3DAS that day. Then since Friday, I stopped by today and see all this hate on some damn pins, so I'm asking is this new to anyone here? I quoted 2 messages and added to the info they stated, as I didn't comment to anyone or anybody on the love train(as I know were that leads). When people try to bully, or state how they are better than anyone else, then I'll comment each and every time, which is something else most of you should know.

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#14328597 Super Mario 3D All Stars (Physical) up for preorder

Posted by chrislaustin on 23 September 2020 - 07:06 PM

If I stopped supporting a company I might make one post and then move on with my life. The fact that for years you keep writing these manifestos about how you don't support them borders on obsession. You'd be a lot happier if you focused on the stuff you do enjoy instead.

Whats funny is that I mention most times how I like stuff they do(and I mention the bad), and yet, I still get the same comments. I post a few weeks back, why I didn't like the OG NS, and why I like the Lite and planned to buy it, and yet still hate. Yet very few will mention the hypocrisy of that, and say I'm all doom and gloom. People see and believe what they want, "N" walks on water, they didn't make enough pins, and I'm the thorn in all your sides.


If others are going to use the crazy-ex mentality, that works both ways, as none of you have blocked me, so there must be some love there, as you all keep reading my novels and commenting. So what does that say about you? A crazy ex you can't get enough of, yeah, I would say so.

#14328577 Super Mario 3D All Stars (Physical) up for preorder

Posted by chrislaustin on 23 September 2020 - 06:35 PM

You all will enjoy Chris's posts much more if you accept the head canon I have years ago: He believes either Miyamoto or Reggie is his father, and their unyielding dedication to "N" has left him neglected and abandoned. It's why he refuses to even say Nintendo's name.


It's like the Joker movie. But instead of murder rampage, he spends a very long time writing comments on this board.

Well, I haven't cared for much from Miyamoto San in probably 15 or so years, but much respect for many of his great contributions to gaming over his lifetime, as he's one of gaming's "GOAT" , no doubt!!! I always thought Reggie was a tool, and was more than happy to see him retire, as when he came in to NoA was about the time I begin to not care for much of their practices over the years.


Incoming hate post in 3, 2, 1..............LOL


Edit: I would probably say Yamauchi San was more of a past father figure type for me, if I had the issue described. LOL

#14328542 Super Mario 3D All Stars (Physical) up for preorder

Posted by chrislaustin on 23 September 2020 - 05:39 PM

Yet you've written about a novel's worth of posts in this thread about your dislike for Nintendo and how you don't care for them anymore.

And I get the exact result I'm looking for, stating my own opinion, so why is that insane? I'm not doing the same things, expecting a different result, I'm just stating info for others, some use it, others don't. I back up my own statements by not having bought an NS, I didn't buy a Wii U at launch, and I haven't bought a Lite yet. So please explain how I'm doing the same thing, expecting a different result? "N" does the same shit they always have, and I no longer support said practices, as many here point out each time I post. So am I supporting "N" again and again, or am I not, please make up your minds? 


Anytime I make a post, I get the same trolls and kool-aid crowd I always do, so I'm in no way expecting anything than what I get, which is perfectly fine. Yet, for pages, most here will state how this is garbage on "N" part, and yet here you all are supporting the issues, your complaining about. I complain about "N" yes, and I've bought maybe 5 games & systems combined in the last 10 years. See how that works? I put my money were my mouth is, so I'm far from insane, but I would say many here need to take a look in the mirror, before they tell me to look in mine.


If I complained, and expected them to be anything different, that would make me insane, but stating those issues and not supporting them, means I'm a man of my word, and if that's insane, so be it.

#14328465 Super Mario 3D All Stars (Physical) up for preorder

Posted by chrislaustin on 23 September 2020 - 02:26 PM

Funny thing is, people are surprised that Nintendo is just being Nintendo. They pull this shit all the time... they already made the physical AND digital release limited, why wouldn't they make the bonuses limited as well? 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results............

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#14328409 Super Mario 3D All Stars (Physical) up for preorder

Posted by chrislaustin on 23 September 2020 - 09:59 AM

Nah. THIS group of people has shown over and over and over again, it doesn’t matter what Nintendo does, says or tries to sell them, THIS group of people is gonna buy it. Nintendo could Fuck their sister in the back of a Honda and these peeps would still hang on their every release. 

Beyond true, but I'm not sure I would have painted such a graphic picture, but I understand your point none the less, and then some. Is this everyone's first day at the "N" circus?


This is a company that has fought tooth and nail in regards to offering a refund on a digital purchase you have yet to even receive or play. This is also the company that has had a major hardware issue this gen that took years to acknowledge, with the EU office still saying everything is fine, with no free repairs. This is also the company that strong arms YT users and files complaints against anything they don't like, and because they are "N", they are allowed to do so(if it violates any rule or not). I agree 100% that most have no idea of these pins, as the fans are the only ones to ever get screwed over, and they are the same one who come back and asked for more. I would liken this mentality more to an abused spouse situation, were they apologies, say they will never do it again, "Until they do it again"!!!


So why would a company like this, who knows their base will be there if they shoot someone on 5th avenue, care about you getting a free item that cost them money to give out for free? Yeah, maybe they make more, maybe they don't, but to qualify for these pins, you had to open and play your game right? And now it can't be returned, so their mission was accomplished, and now this thread will continue on for hundreds of post, good or bad, so mission number 2 has been accomplished(they are on all your lips). And when the next item like this comes along, most of you will rush even faster to try to get said product, as to not miss out, which insures even more sells for this company, and mission 3 is then accomplished.


Welcome to the Wonderful World Of Nintendo!  :dunce:

#14326762 Indie/Limited/Obscure Physical Release Deals and Discussion Thread

Posted by chrislaustin on 21 September 2020 - 05:28 PM

Damn, VITA really did mean life uh? New games and physical in late 2020..........I never expected a pandemic this year, but I damn sure NEVER expected new Vita releases this long either, so this year is full of surprises. LOL

#14325608 Super Mario 3D All Stars (Physical) up for preorder

Posted by chrislaustin on 18 September 2020 - 10:53 PM

My copy was delivered in the last 20mins.  One of my kids brought it in.  So, going with BB paid off yet again.  I mean, I didn't save any money but I'm not a prime member so it's nice getting prime like (at least pre-pandemic prime) release day delivery without paying for prime.

Amazon is pretty useless more often than not even with Prime, as they contacted me yesterday to say my son's copy would be delayed a few days. So I just opted to not risk them saying they sold out, so grabbed from Walmart and saved $10 in the process. If it would have been to play now, I probably wouldn't have even used them to begin with, I just wanted to lock in a copy when I had the chance.


Yup I agree with what you said.  And I should have been more descriptive in my previous post. 


I just mean "worth it" in a real general sense.  With all respect to subjectivity, if someone asked if a brand new Mercedes was "worth it" for $15k that would be an easy "yes."    I guess this is not an easy yes, which surprises me because of all the hype (including a 50-plus page thread on CAG for an MSRP title).  


Is it a "deal" to get these 3 games for $20 a piece?  I'm not sure.  I think the highest price for an "easy yes" would be about $10 a piece for each game...like if the collection was $30. But since I'm not the most knowledgeable on all things Nintendo I was deferring to the Nintendo veterans to ask if these games are a good/great deal at $20 a piece. 

For someone who hasn't played any of the three, sure, I think this is a solid buy, so long as the games perform properly, which seems open to dispute at the moment. For me personally, I would probably buy this as a greatest hits at $20, but since it's limited, I'm SOL! I can play M64 on my Shield Portable perfectly, with high resolution as well. Sunshine I really only played once, and that was by choice, as I didn't like it that much. And Galaxy 1 along with M64 are probably top 3 "3D" Mario titles for me(G2 rounding out the top), and I would be happy to pay $20 to get that for the Switch, but that's another option not on the table.


A Galaxy 1 & 2 bundle for $40 as is, or some form of upgrade option for $60 would have been great, but I just can't support such low end offerings at full retail. But I also still have G1 & G2 on my Wii, so I would love to have both portable, so maybe down the road if it happens? There's was actually an official release of Galaxy for Android years back(China exclusive I believe?), and if I looked in to it, I could probably get it to run on my Shield as well.


So my game just arrived.


Typical Amazon... nothing else in box, can see the game at the bottom.. could have placed 50 in this box lol



Welcome to Holiday level packaging, as it only gets worse from here. LOL

#14325312 Super Mario 3D All Stars (Physical) up for preorder

Posted by chrislaustin on 18 September 2020 - 04:09 PM

Why not use the Walmart app > product page > scroll down to the pickup section > Options. Should show nearby stores with price, in/out of stock, and aisle.

Yeah, I did that first, which showed stock, but like BS, these things can be wrong, and I don't use either enough to know how well they work, if and when they do. But having checked multiple sources now, unless they have a huge run in the next 1-2 hours, I should be good.

#14322753 Nintendo eShop Deals - 11/12: $1.99 Abzu, $45 Groove Coaster,...

Posted by chrislaustin on 15 September 2020 - 12:07 PM




This is a pretty long diatribe from someone who apparently does not own a Switch. 

It’s because the dude is so fucking self centered and delusional he thinks nintendo is catering to him as a focus group of one.

I can think of two games i play right now where HD rumble is very useful: Mario party and ring fit.

also dude just sucks.

So if I own a NS, it makes my opinion more true, or not owning one makes it less? Just in the last 2 months, I posted the turn around times for sending in my son's JC's on two separate occasions, and posted it in the proper threads so others needing to do the same would know how long it takes.


So please explain how me stating the JC is "janky" after sending in two sets for poor production  problems is anything other than a FACT? Owning and having access are entirely two different things, and I can play an NS any day I choose, and don't, because I don't like the form factor. I also have games I have purchased over the years, for use with my eventual purchase once made. So I'm hardly against the Switch in general, I just didn't see the value in it's original price of what was offered. If others didn't feel the same way, why was the Lite even made? Because not everyone shares the same opinions, or have the same taste. WOW, what a  Fuck ing concept right?


And my focus group of one. must have had the ear of "N", as they are selling a system I now want VS. one I didn't, so what is the problem exactly? I butt hurt your feelings I don't like the OG Switch, but said I like the Lite and that's still a reason to name call like a 5 year old? That shows me and anyone else here the kind of person you are, so have a nice day and stay safe, as you seem like you may not believe science either, so take care out there(and mask up).

#14319552 Super Mario 3D All Stars (Physical) up for preorder

Posted by chrislaustin on 05 September 2020 - 12:47 PM

This pretty much says it all...........



#14319374 Super Mario 3D All Stars (Physical) up for preorder

Posted by chrislaustin on 04 September 2020 - 09:47 PM

And the limited run decision, on the eshop as well no less, is fucked up. This is their big holiday release. There's nothing else coming. Making it artificially scarce is a big middle finger to the average switch owner.

Amazingly enough, the item me and my family has the most interest in is the G&W set, and I'm pretty sure my chances of getting one when the time comes will be slim to none(and none has left the building). I've already told my wife and son I'll try to get us each one, but I'm not jumping through any hoops for it, so if it happens great, if not, oh well. Almost anything worth having from NoA is always limited if it's painted that way or not, and to be actually announcing something is LE for a window of time is a new low even for these guys, but nothing new to anyone who has been watching, and why I rarely support this company anymore. Way to many "NEW" games and creations across all areas of gaming(were places put in real work, sweat & tears), to be spending $60 for decades old titles that my phone plays just as well(if not better).


I wish game companies would wake up and confront this reality. All their rereleases aren't competing with the games as they were back when they first came out, they're competing with the games as they currently exist via emulators, and they're better now via emulation/mods than they've ever been. Unfortunately companies choose to ignore that fact and sue rom sites into oblivion instead, as though that somehow adds value to their own rereleases.

Yeah, "N" is easily public enemy #1 in this regard, as they have been offering bare bones like this for ages, and no one seems to care. I gave up on giving them my money during the Wii era for digital items, as I didn't want to pay for the same games again and again each new gen. I've also seen better QoL improvements and proper translations from fans, than anything I've seen from them in ages, and that's the exact reason they target the rom sites, as most fans do much better work than they do and it makes them look bad(with good reason).

I don't know how walmart was able to undercut the MSRP set by Nintendo 

Walmart has been offering new "N" releases for $50 for a good long while now(in store only), and every once in awhile their online site reflects that, but it often appears to be a mistake when it does. But in store, it's still good at release, as I just bought Paper Mario for my son at release, and it was $50 in store. I keep wanting to grab the Witcher, as it still has that special bundle at retail, but I haven't had the $50 to spare in my recent trips. But fingers crossed I can grab it before that set is no longer offered, or before the prices go back to full? When Frys first opened years ago, they used to offer $10 off pretty regular for most new AAA on all systems, but they stopped that ages ago, but it did happen for years back in the day.

#14319203 Super Mario 3D All Stars (Physical) up for preorder

Posted by chrislaustin on 04 September 2020 - 04:05 PM

So yeah, not "nothing new". Plenty enough to justify $20 per game.

I would say that's a personal opinion, and your entitled to it, but even for $20 per, I see little value here even with the added features.