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Yesterday, 08:41 PM

Not that game specifically, but it seems to be the same bump. I have copies of Breakpoint and Rabbids Kingdom battle that I was going to trade earlier in the week when the values were ~$16 and $20 if I'm remembering correctly. Ghost Recon Breakpoint dropped by half unfortunately.

I'm sure they'll do another soon, as there was about a 2-3 week break into between the last 2 bumps(where 1 bump was for 1 day only). 


Also, FYI for anyone looking to trade in games not showing up in the trade in search.   Google search for the product listing on Gamestop's site and check the trade value on that page.    It's how I found out they still take COD: WWII on XB1 for $2.20 when it didn't show up in the search.

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

Yesterday, 08:05 PM

Seems their system is screwy with certificates right now.  Went to buy Control for PS4 new(that new Alan Wake expansion convinced me to buy it) for $29.99.   Used my monthly $5 reward, a $10 in store certificate and $22.55 in trade in credit on it.   Somehow their system was giving me either $1.04 or $6.44 back in trade credit depending on the order the manager put them in.   He didn't question it after I said that it could go towards a Crash 4 pre-order and put $6.44 towards it.   So there apparently is a bug in their coupon redemption.



I'm just noticing as I was about to go to a store, but when did trade values drop? Anyone know if another bump or promo is coming? Doh.

Do you mean the TIV bumps where New Super Mario Bros Wii was $19.50 w/ Pro last week?  Those went away on Wednesday.    Some are still somewhat high, like Star Wars Battlefront 2 on XB1 giving $13.20 with Pro(while the PS4 version is $4?).

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Yesterday, 01:50 AM

My favorite is absolutely no Transformers video games at a place called Gamestop being discounted even a single cent.

Probably because there has been no new TF game in nearly 5 years, since Activision let the license expire after Devastation.  So they'd either have to do a sale on Rise of the Dark Spark or Devastation, if they do sale on current gen games.  Which both are starting to become hard to find as are the PS3/360 games.

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

05 August 2020 - 05:55 AM

Yeah I'm super tempted, but mah backlog tho...

If you've played the Persona games and like them, I'd say grab it.   Since Nintendo usually never price drops their 1st party games and this is the cheapest it's been.

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28 July 2020 - 09:45 PM

Looks like their store inventory is back to being screwed up through the website.   Went to trade in a few things and asked if they maybe had a few games I was looking for(Forza Horizon 1 & 2).  So that I wouldn't have to order online & get disc only copies that were scratched to hell.  Turns out a few stores in the area had multiple copies of each, despite the website saying no store in 100 miles had them.   So just call and check if you're looking for something.


Yeah the Mario Galaxy games used to be like $10 cheaper to find them elsewhere guaranteed CIB.

Really surprised that they jacked up Mario Galaxy 2 to $34.99 used and have a picture of the Nintendo Selects version($20 MSRP).