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$40 PSN Credit for $30 with Swych App with code AprilGames DEAD

11 April 2018 - 03:46 PM

Taken from the Kinja deals page.


Download the Swych App from either ITunes or Google Play and add a $20 PSN Gift Card then use code AprilGames to save $5. Can use it up to two times so $40 credit for $30.

2K Games Store Sale (Mafia III CE for $29, $3 shirts and other deals)

24 November 2017 - 04:01 PM



Shipping came out to $5 total for me

$7 for $10 Google Play Gift Card @ PCGameSupply

13 November 2017 - 09:08 PM



I Mean not as sexy as PSN or eShop, but can use it on games and movies or whatever,

Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted Lost Legacy and MLB The Show 17 $16/$20 each at...

08 November 2017 - 06:08 AM



Deals end by Saturday night

PCGameSupply $10 PSN Code for $7 [DEAD]

27 October 2017 - 08:52 PM



Same drill, can only buy one per account and no paypal and you have about two hours since posting (maybe less) to get one.