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[H] Gears of War Ultimate (Key) + Loads of stuff [W] Fallout 4 (PC)

06 November 2015 - 03:01 PM

I bought an XB1 bundle that came with Gears of War Ultimate and have very little interest in the game itself.  (The bundle deal was just too good to pass up!)
Anyhow, I want to be rid of this key, so I'd like to trade it for Fallout 4 (PC) if possible.  That might be a bit of a stretch trade-wise, (GoW is going for $35 or so on eBay, Fallout 4 is $48 on GMG) so I'm prepared to throw in some extras to sweeten the deal.  
I've got a bunch of TF2 items, you're welcome to whatever:
I've also got a ton of keys for various games, the highlights are:
Gunpoint, The Bridge, Monaco, Stanley Parable, Pixeljunk Shooter, Little Inferno, FTL, Fez, Bastion, Mirror’s Edge, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Dead Space, Trine 2, Metro 2033, Banner Saga, Towerfall: Ascension, Super Time Force
If a few of these help make the deal go smooth, make me an offer :)
Failing this, I'll just sell the key on eBay and pay the difference or something :P