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In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Global Outbreak of...Delayed Shipping

02 July 2021 - 11:55 PM


1. You gotta use paragraphs. No one is going to read that block of text.

2. The tweet is about how absurd it is that Amazon/eBay is getting a bigger cut than the kid selling the consoles.

In Topic: Official Collector's Edition Compilation XII - 2021

02 July 2021 - 01:45 PM

Any one received an email from shopto stating they reduced the price of skyward sword preorder?

Nope. No one has posted anything about it this morning.

I got an email from shopto saying my Skyward Sword and steelbook had a cheaper pre-order price. The site isn't well laid out, but looks like the game will got $85 shipped instead of $112. That leaves a $30 credit for a site with $60 shipping.

In Topic: Official Collector's Edition Compilation XII - 2021

29 June 2021 - 02:52 PM

On the topic is Samus Returns, VGP had the standard edition reprinted and it should start shipping this week.


In Topic: Japanese Niche Games Deals & Discussion Thread 4.0

25 June 2021 - 02:42 PM

Well I just finished watching the 90min archive. I'm going to pretend that the cringelord emcee didn't exist and say it was all really worthwhile. I'm surprised they threw in a Nayuta announcement since that's an offshoot game and not a part of the main kiseki universe. But hey I'll take it. Only thing I am slightly disappointed by is the 2023 release for Hajamari. The title for the western release, Trails into Reverie, isn't a direct translation but will probably make more sense after playing the game. Players don't really find out why our most recent arc is titled CS until the end of the third game, for instance.

Honestly I would just buy the Sky games at the current steam sale prices. The games are very much worth supporting. Since they're all published by xseed I wouldn't expect any great departures from the established pricing trends or any influence from the current announcements, which are all under NISA.
Do your own pace for sure. If anyone is having trouble getting through Sky FC, SC, or 3rd, I really don't recommend skipping them. In that event I'd say just play through the game on Easy and abuse turbo mode. Down the road you can revisit them if you'd like - all of these games cater to ng+ replays.

Yeah, Azure (Ao no Kiseki) is in my opinion still the high point in the series. It's probably my favorite game, period.. so I will probably buy all physical versions. However the geofront translation, something I was involved in minor ways, will still be important. It's completely accessible and playable between now and the distant 2023 official release.

At the end of the day I see two versions of Zero & Azure worth owning / preserving. One is the official translation, obviously. The versions that we are getting in the official releases are very likely based on the recent "Kai" releases in jpn. The kai versions mainly added some Cold Steel characters who had a history in Crossbell. Note that the Kai releases do not have the extra content from the Evo releases, which have a handful of extra quests ingame and a significant amount of additional voiced lines. As a result, a geofront patch (with added voices) on pc or, even better, a vita version of Ao Evo with geofront patch (requires a modded system) will also be worth having.

Sounds like Geofront have pulled their translations because they’re working with NISA to use the Geofront translations for the official releases. Looks like I might not get my Vita patch and will need to wait the 2 years for an official release of Azure.


In Topic: Japanese Niche Games Deals & Discussion Thread 4.0

25 June 2021 - 02:40 AM

Trails of cold steel III bundles are up at NISA store as well as ToCS IV NSW CE

Thanks for this.

CS3 for Switch has dropped to $39.99. The PS4 version has become more difficult to find.

CS4 for PS4 is on sale at GameStop for $39.99.