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W: Playstation VR Games/Bundle Code H: VR EU Bundle Code/Paypal

28 April 2020 - 12:02 AM

Hi, so I've bought this bundle and came with a code for these games, I own most of them already so I was looking to trade for another "VR Code bundle" or just for individual VR games.


So if anyone wants to exchange I am up for it.

If you have codes for other VR Games I am also buying them, Paying with PayPal



PM Studios "Stay Safe" Sale - Featuring Switch/PS4, and Limited Run Games.

23 April 2020 - 09:06 PM

PM Studios online store is back and they made a new sale featuring new reprints, overall deals and restock on rare out-of-print titles from Limited Run Games.




Also all orders over $49.99 will get Cytus Alpha Limited Edition Original Soundtrack CD for free with the Coupon "FREEGIFT".


Kinda sick move they did now.




Edit: Price list.


Horizon Chase Turbo (Switch) - $29.99
Ministry of Broadcast (Steelbook Edition) (Switch) - $39.99 
Deemo (Switch) $39.99 - $19.99
Opus Collection (Switch) $39.99 - 19.99
Horizon Chase Turbo (First Print - PS4) $29.99 - $14.99
Hover (Switch) - $29.99 - $24.99
WILL: A Wonderful World Limited Edition (Plush, 120 page Artbook, etc) : $79.99 $69.99
WILL: A Wonderful World - Artbook: $29.99 - $24.99

Limited Run Games products:
Mercenaries Series Double Pack (PAX Exclusive): $69.99
Mercenaries Wings Limited Edition (PS4 - LRG) : $59.99
Mercenaries Wings Limited Edition (Switch - LRG): $59.99
Musynx First Print (Vita - LRG): $29.99
Deemo: The Last Recital (Vita - LRG): $29.99

PM Studios Giveaway! Featuring Switch Limited Edition Titles~

17 December 2019 - 08:00 PM

Hi! This is Glas from PM Studios! We are doing a giveaway in partnership with @JPSWITCHMANIA :D

Just check the following tweet on info on how to participate~



We're also doing a super holiday sale right now~ if you wanna check it out please go here





PM Studios Holiday Sale Now Live!

17 December 2019 - 07:58 PM

Hello Everyone! It's Glas from PM Studios announcing a new sale, perfect for the holidays~




That's right, the hit chinese novel WILL: A Wonderful World LIMITED Edition and the award winning space adventure game Collection, OPUS Collection* are bundled on a Holiday Story Nintendo Switch Bundle for $99, Including FREE domestic shipping in the US.


The sale is now live on our web store



The deals end on January 6~!


In case you're not interested on the sale, we're also doing a super cool giveaway in partnership with  @JPSWITCHMANIA, Just check the tweet below on info on how to participate.





Some pictures of the Limited Edition. You might notice it's not your standard retail limited edition



WILL Limited Edition Contents:
  • 'WILL: A Wonderful World' physical game cartridge with exclusive cover art
  • 'WILL: A Wonderful World' Official 180-page full color Artbook (8.27" x 11.69")
  • 'WILL: A Wonderful World' 7" Willy Plushie
  • 'WILL: A Wonderful World' Digital Soundtrack Code
  • Collector's Box (11.8" x 8.3" x 6")
  • Total Weight: 58 oz
Limited to 450 units. Sold exclusively through the PM Studios Online Store

*OPUS Collection includes both OPUS series titles, OPUS: The Day We Found Earth and OPUS: Rocket of Whispers + A Downloadable Soundtrack Code







Also, because CAG Rules, using Discount Coupon "CAGRULES" will grant you a 10% EXTRA Discount on tops of the one already available in this sale.

[H] Transparent Education Codes [W] Japanese Code.

17 December 2019 - 03:25 AM

So yeah, there was a Humble Bundle a few months ago for learning languages, It may be a long shot, but I have a few codes, I need a Japanese one, Willing to trade 2x1,3x1,




I've got English, German, Italian, Korean