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[H]iPod Touch, Nano, & Shuffle [W]30GB+ iPod Classic (any battery life)

11 September 2013 - 08:51 AM

I have an 8GB iPod Touch (2nd gen), an 8GB iPod Nano (4th gen, pink), and a 1GB iPod Shuffle (2nd gen) that I would like to trade for an iPod Classic (any gen) with at least 30 GB of space. 
If anyone is at all interested in this trade or something similar please let me know.
I might be able to throw in a little bit of money too, through paypal.
All of my iPods work perfectly fine, I just have too big of a library to fit on all of them and would like 1 device to keep it all on.
The iPod Touch has a small burn mark on it. (a permanent black dot in the screen) I will take a picture of it if requested.
I use the Nano and Touch daily in my car, plugged into a radio through USB. 
If anyone is interested in doing this trade I will take pictured of the iPods and I will even test the battery life of each of them if requested. I haven't actually used any of them while not plugged in in years. (since they're usually plugged into my car and stay charging while they're in use) So I don't know how long the batteries last. 
If you can show that you're a trustworthy trader through some kind of rep system somewhere I don't mind sending my iPods first. I haven't used the internet to trade anything much so I don't have any rep to show off anywhere.

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07 September 2013 - 08:47 PM

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