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Blog EnronLackey > The 2011 general game review & would like your thoughts on this matter

Posted 30 December 2011

"2011 in general just sucked" is the idea floated around my man cave after a few good friends and great drinks came over before the year ends and started to discuss the events of the year.

Everything from games (most of them just sucked) to pop culture (reality TV is on its way out) to NFL (Manning AINT coming back! Deal with it!) to world changing even...

Blog EnronLackey > My first blog is an unhappy blog

Posted 01 November 2011

Just an update: I suspect the reason my XBox 360 got banned is for the previous owner (my cousin) used Chinese MS points to build up his Rock Band and XBLA collection for pennies on the dollar .. and since that was the console that was used to buy those illegally gained items they banned the console but none of the profile. Make since cause if you read th...