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In Topic: Japanese Niche Games Deals & Discussion Thread 4.0

30 November 2021 - 03:57 AM

JAST USA Cyber Monday (NSFW) sale ending today. They are giving extra discounts for all the games that were discounted throughout previous sale. Those are Closed Game, Do You Like Horny Bunnies Complete Collection. Kanosen My Girlfriend Is A Naughty Teacher,  Oni-Gokko!, and You and Me and Her. I've completed most of these other than Closed Game, and recommend them all at various levels. Oni-Gokko! was really nice, You and Me and Her overrated but worth playing, Kanosen not bad at all for a nukige, and Horny Bunnies Complete Collection is old but okay enough.

Do you have an archive of all your reviews? Was thinking about Robolife, Conquer and Breed the Demon Queen, Eiyu Senki Gold, and Sadistic Blood. 


Played Closed Game, was good but some of the CGI was lacking variety compared to their previous games.

In Topic: Japanese Niche Games Deals & Discussion Thread 4.0

24 August 2021 - 10:37 PM

Ok, imma bout to hit y'all with a really stupid question...how do I add something to my wishlist on the Ifi online store? I want to add the Nep x Senran special edition, so I can keep track of it, and even though the listing tells me to add it, there's no button or anything to do so. I tried different browsers, logging out and back in, but still nothing. Other listings lack the button, too. I just created my account, so is it because I'm too new? Thanks!

Looks like this for me, and I think I was able to Wishlist it without even logging in and it saved it.



In Topic: Japanese Niche Games Deals & Discussion Thread 4.0

23 August 2021 - 10:36 PM

So like, is Idea Factory going to put the Neptunia x Senran Kagura special edition pre-orders up soon? The game is supposed to come out this year and the listing for it is still just a placeholder. I've never pre-ordered from them before, so for those who have, do they normally wait this long to update a listing after posting it?



I think this is the first time where they've put up a placeholder like this. Usually they put up the product page with all the info, date, and time when it goes live. Also noticed this for the Nep Pudding figure too. For that one they will make units based on how many people wishlists it.

In Topic: Japanese Niche Games Deals & Discussion Thread 4.0

27 June 2021 - 06:55 PM

JAST USA is having their summer sale till June 28th.


JAST USA Summer Sale (NSFW)

Thanks for this! This was actually like the first deal I taken advantage of from CAG in like 5 years. Not just from the niche tread but CAG in general.

In Topic: Japanese Niche Games Deals & Discussion Thread 4.0

29 May 2021 - 03:49 AM

Personally I love his art style. Wasn't 100% on board with everything Starless threw at you but the art made me stick with the game. Very niche for sure.

I was okay with it until they brought in all the poop. Even then I just fast forwarded. But once they started sticking metal rods down the pee hole I had to call it quits. *shudder*