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Blog mikkymuffins > Getting back into CAG + New ways to find game deals

Posted 26 December 2012

I've been away from the site for a while but recently I've really got back into CAG and building my collection again. I started my own business last year and while things are going great now, the first year was a roller coaster. I had to make sacrifices in pretty much every aspect of my life to keep things going - most disheartening of which was selling...

Blog mikkymuffins > Haven't been on the blogs for a while..

Posted 23 December 2012

What ever happened to DarkSlime and the creepy doll guy? I really want to thank DarkSlime for making the phrase "on account of my girth" a mainstay in my vocabulary.

Merry Christmas CAG!!
Love, PJ

Blog mikkymuffins > Wow.. Just... wow... its the Mario Moustache

Posted 13 December 2010

Went to Meijer today and the guy working in electronics gave me a Mario Moustache


Blog mikkymuffins > Fresh from the Item Box (aka Mailbox) – Club Nintendo Platinum Elite Reward

Posted 06 November 2010

Look what the mailman brought today...


This must something Nintendo related but what could be inside?


Blog mikkymuffins > Use the Official Playstation Bluetooth Headset with GarageBand

Posted 05 January 2009

This one is for all my gamers out there that want to maximize the potential of their Official Playstation Bluetooth headset. Not only can you use the headset with your Playstation 3 console and Bluetooth enabled cell phone (such as the iPhone) but you can also use it with virtually any application on Mac or PC (such as GarageBand) that utilizes a microph...