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In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

04 August 2019 - 06:57 PM

By the way, if anyone even keeps track and listens to the main points of Gamestop's latest quarterly earnings report, the recent job losses should not come as a surprise.


Straight from the source here: http://news.gamestop...al-2019-results


2019 Outlook
As previously announced on April 2, 2019, GameStop is currently implementing a cost-savings and operating profit improvement initiative designed to strengthen the organization for the future and support long-term improved financial performance and profitability.  These initiatives, which include supply chain efficiencies, operational improvements, expense savings and pricing and promotion optimization, commenced during the first fiscal quarter of 2019.  The company remains on track to achieve annualized operating profit improvements of approximately $100 million. 


That report was June 4th, 2 months ago.  They are trimming the fat.


So because they are laying off people, does that mean that Gamestop are dying?  


It's part of their stated initiative to streamline future profits in the tune of $100 million.




Please people, don't give these people clicks.  Whether it be websites, or videos, these guys live to stir shit up so THEY make money.  Don't support them by giving them your time, because you're going to end up in a delusional fantasy.

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

04 August 2019 - 06:44 PM

exactly, i wouldn't be surprised if some of them are affiliated with gs competitors and are trying to make the company look bad. amazon plants, they've been known to astroturf sites like reddit and other forums from criticism against them and now i'm sure they've stepped it up and are now bashing competing companies. and that video about camelot pisses me off so much. all that guy does is bash this company because he got canned for poor performance. if you guys want to help me flag all of his videos it would be great...

I know the exact reason why some would love to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about GME.  


GME is one of the most shorted stocks right now.  Of course, it's no secret why -- their prospects are really low, and unless they hit the magic bullet with some other gaming-related area, it won't replace dwindling pre-owned numbers. 


So the lower the stock goes, the more money the shorts get.  They are going to get squeezed though once the new consoles hit, if not before, the new GME initiatives come to fruition.


Don't listen to any BS.  I see it all the time on in the comments on finance articles.  People love spreading that stuff, so people get scared and sell their stock, so they make money.

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

04 August 2019 - 06:39 PM

Yes they do. Concerns about Gamestop closing up within a year are ill founded. They still make a profit, although it is declining, and they have enough cash and availability to borrow to last until well into the next console cycle.

Gamestop stock is trading low because of the future rather than the present. No one has faith in their new plan to save the business. The new systems will keep them going for awhile, but each console cycle has seen a decline in their profits as more people go digital and/or get their games elsewhere.



Stock market is the investors opinion of the company's future prospects, not it's current health.  They're looking for profits, and profits are a forward-looking metric.  So it's very stupid for anyone to keep referencing the stock price as an indicator that they will soon vanish.

In Topic: Official Collector's Edition Compilation X - 2019

02 August 2019 - 02:54 AM

That seemed kinda shocking but after looking at their financials, that's not true. They didn't lose $673m, they had a book loss of $673m after an impairment write down (basically a loss in value assets, not necessary physical loss) of $964m- likely a one time hit though it's likely they'll have another in 2019 (doubt it'll be as big). Their actual operations are still profitable, believe it not, though going down. Even if you factor out investment (money ownership put in), they pulled in cash in 2018 rather than burn through it. 


In short, GS isn't gonna die over night... but might in a few years. At their low point, some investment bank or lender will come in scoop them up and it'll likely survive for another year or two. I mean, look how long Sears survived. 

It's funny how the people that always mention this write off loss don't delve into the details.   They picked up that number from some sensationalistic headline or article, and then begin spouting it out, to buttress another 'Gamestop is dying, here's why' rant.  


Not a single one, claiming their impeding doom, has looked at their yearly financials.  Maybe they don't know how to read them.




As for relating to this particular CE topic, you support physical, you get physical.   All those repeating the same BS "digital is the future" -- the future is what you make it.  Support physical -- if not at GS, then elsewhere, and it will remain alive.  Those that reserve themselves to a particular fate as if it is beyond their power to change are quite the pathetic bunch.

In Topic: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 $49.99 in store at Walmart (YMMV)

24 July 2019 - 09:19 PM

FYI, almost ALL new games hit 49.99 at Walmart pretty much immediately after release now...it's just usually not advertised.  BB has come to hate me because I PM them there so much so I can use/get reward points.

Yeah I just realized that I have a Walmart very close to the Best Buy.  


It's basically a replacement for GCU.  Stupid Best Buy got rid of their paid program, ... but forgot that they have to honor their price match policy.  Which puts them back where they were before (as long as Walmart prices hold).  


Competition is good ... LONG LIVE PHYSICAL