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21 February 2016 - 10:47 PM

Hello, I am ChocolateSpongeCake. I have some spare games, DLC, as well as some miscellaneous codes for some random games. I am a collector of steam games, so I am primarily trading for games I do not own. 



Games (Gifts)



Games (steam keys)

:tradingcard: = The game drops trading cards

Steam DLC (steam key, requires base game)


Bundles (multiple games, steam key)



I also have some non-steam codes, mainly dlc and gift packs for games.





For the Steam Games/DLC:


Offers for games I don't own (you can check my games list at: http://steamcommunit...games/?tab=all)

50% game price in Paypal

CS:GO skins for 50% game price.


For the bundle:

Your offers


For the Non-Steam codes:

Your offers