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Xenoblade Chronicles Wii back in stock at Gamestop.com (64.99/58.49 PUR)

27 May 2015 - 06:41 PM

I know a lot of CAGs have been searching for this game, especially since XCX is eventually coming to the US. Xenoblade has been really hard to find for a decent price (if you can consider $64.99/$58.49 PUR "decent"). I've heard some good things about the n3ds version, but I'd rather not buy a $200 handheld for a port of a Wii game.



[H] Amiibos! [W] Wii U games (Pikmin 3), 3DS games, Club Nintendo Game Codes &...

24 February 2015 - 03:16 PM

Hey CAG! I have amiibo up for trade or sale.



Mega Man

Captain Falcon

Toon Link 








Wii U  :wiiu: (can be new or used, but CN coins would be great)

- Pikmin 3 :hot: (PLEASE)

- Rayman Legends

- NES Remix 1&2 pack

- Captain Toad

- eshop credit


Wii games :wii:

-Xenoblade Chronicles


3DS games :3ds:  (PM me your list! I'll take a look)

-Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

-Fire Emblem: Awakening


Club Nintendo rewards

- Mario & Friends Statue

- Mario & Friends Pins

- Current CN Rewards :hot:

     - Super Mario 64

     - Paper Mario



Please PM me! Thanks.