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In Topic: Going out of business notice free via Frys.com

01 March 2021 - 04:26 PM

About a year ago I was walking through the store and they had a PS3 display demo unit up and running.  You could probably count the number of video games on one hand they had for sale.


I think their bread and butter was PC and electronic components.  General public didn't know to go to a PC building store to buy a TV, fridge, car stereo, and massage chairs.  Their website was terrible and they never refreshed it.  

In Topic: Best Buy GCU to be discontinued 3-1-2021

01 March 2021 - 04:20 PM

Damn I just thought about it --


Should have broken the rules and bought more than 3 copies of something

I was going to but still lived in fear of losing my Elite Plus account.

In Topic: Best Buy GCU to be discontinued 3-1-2021

28 February 2021 - 04:27 PM

I've  been so careful over the years to not buy more than 3 in a year.  I used to keep a spreadsheet with all of my purchases and 5 accounts.  Sadly this is the end of an era for me.  Some new releases with the $10 bonus and $12 off were banger deals.  


The deals I'll miss the most are the games on sale that you get an extra $8-10 off on.  When a $60 game goes on sale for $40 and you get for $32, that's killer.  I flip those on eBay for decent profit, especially when buying 3 copies.  The 6% back in rewards is a nice perk too.


I don't think I've bought a video game at another store in over 10 years except for black friday deals.


Sadly it looks like no good sales this week either.  Considering preordering the new Pokemon games. 


So sad.