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Blog surak > Black Friday was so meh that I managed to decrease my backlog

Posted 27 November 2011

Hello CAG. It always seems like ages between when I post blog entries. I attribute this infrequency to the way I tend to get ideas for entries only after finishing games that I take forever to beat, like RPGs. The funny thing is this entry is hastened by the disinterest I had in piling more games on my backlog this Black Friday weekend, because it let me...

Blog surak > Been a while since my last entry. Let's talk Persona 4 vs 3.

Posted 20 July 2011

I didn't realize it's been over two years since I beat :ps2: Persona 3:FES and wrote about it (just The Journey). Also, over a year since my last entry, though P3:FES is more relevant to this post because I'm in the second-to-last dungeon in :ps2: Persona 4.

In some sense, it's not surprising though, because like most RPG fans, my RPG backlog increases a...

Blog surak > Playstation Move impressions

Posted 09 April 2010

Sony came to my 'hood , so the missus and I went to check out the new Playstation Move. They had six systems set up with various Move demos and hooked everyone up with good free food and stiff drinks. They also gave out Move t-shirts and had a raffle for MLB The Show 10 games, Modnation Racers hats, and a custom decaled PS3. I lucked out and won a PS3 The...

Blog surak > No one should watch Mad Men except Sega

Posted 25 February 2010

http://3.bp.blogspot...orts_100204.jpg Everybody knows about the Yakuza 3 localization fiasco by now, right? One of the parts of the game that Sega decided to cut out in its rush to demolish FF XIII in sales (sarcasm) was the hostess club management portion. Their excuse was that it's too fo...

Blog surak > What RPG in my backlog to play next?

Posted 01 October 2009

I'm done with Odin Sphere (is it good that I'm more relieved than happy?). Usually after I finish a game, I want to play something different to mix up the experience. Not sure if I actually have any games that will fit the bill, but I'd prefer something more easy-going, with turn-based combat, short (