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#14351435 XBL Deals - DwG: Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, more | Golden Week, Star...

Posted by Tandjame on 24 November 2020 - 01:43 AM

I have been waiting ages for Earth’s Dawn to go on sale. Finally buying it.

#14272496 XBL Deals - DwG: Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, more | Golden Week, Star...

Posted by Tandjame on 17 March 2020 - 12:35 AM

My wife works at Disney world so she’s off for the next couple weeks, luckily, so she can stay home with the kids. As of right now I still have to go to work for the foreseeable future. I’ve been enjoying Man of Medan the last couple days.

Btw, thanks bloomy!

Only thing that’s really tempting me is the sci-fi pinball pack.

#14253443 XBL Deals - DwG: Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, more | Golden Week, Star...

Posted by Tandjame on 07 January 2020 - 01:22 AM

Thanks for the new page bloomy.

I’m really tempted to get AC: odyssey, but I know I probably won’t ever have time to play it, let alone finish it.

#14194185 XBL Deals - 2019

Posted by Tandjame on 29 July 2019 - 10:16 PM

I guess I have a name I missed for the ignore list, but those are some reaching claims. I'd wager games are on the lower end of plastics that damage the environment and are clogging up landfills. They tend to be reused and resold indefinitely as long as they still function, and lets keep in mind that most of the games manufactured FORTY YEARS ago generally still work.

Also, do you think games are just born out of magic if they're digitally distributed? If you're buying into any of the gaming ecosystems you're using servers that suck up an insane amount of energy, which I'm guessing is not entirely powered by renewable means. A fully streaming game like what Stadia is will definitely have a point where more energy/materials has been spent to get it to play on your device than those games that you physically own or download and play on your own local hardware, other than maybe short games that don't keep replaying.

Maybe go after the plastics that are actually moving the needle, like disposable water bottles. Maybe get off of the gaming deals site and pick up one of these since they're much more environmentally friendly.


This is why I quit all gaming and only play Rock, Paper, Scissors and thumb wrestling.

But to keep somewhat on topic, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is my new favorite game of the year. 30+ hours in an 8-10 hour campaign and I’m still hopelessly addicted. Anyone else enjoying it?

#14179382 XBL Deals - 2019

Posted by Tandjame on 18 June 2019 - 02:06 AM

GameSack is a great retro focused Youtube channel. Apparently Iga and the team put a weapon into Bloodstained to thank them for promoting the Kickstarter.


The promo video if you're curious.


Cool! Thanks! I’m really hoping this is good. It’s the first game I’ve preordered in ages.

#14176000 XBL Deals - 2019

Posted by Tandjame on 11 June 2019 - 02:17 AM

Oh man, Enslaved and Asura’s Wrath were the two games I’ve been waiting for since they announced BC! I highly recommend both games for anyone who hasn’t played them.

#14050528 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by Tandjame on 11 September 2018 - 12:10 AM

Trials Fusion might be the best $6 anyone will ever spend. Idk for sure, I’ve never been to Amsterdam.

#14018135 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by Tandjame on 28 June 2018 - 11:34 PM

GWG seems ok. More to maybe play with kids

Dark souls, so I’ve been playing it and it really sucks you in. (Only 20 hours so I’m still new)

Three things really stood out to me:
1) if option is quit or look something up, just look it up. Super helpful wikis out there.

2) think of it as experiencing stuff. I laugh at the set up traps. Not because I enjoy punishment but because I can appreciate how they were thinking in design.

3) really taught me a way to separate lore vs story. The story is convoluted and not great in my opinion. The back story of items and why something /someone is there is really interesting. I’ve never seen a game that item descriptions matter so much.

Please try it. I would suggest with a friend that you can ask questions. Get through some of that barrier of understanding.

Welcome, brother! DS1 was the first game I ever 1000/1000. It started out as spite, but then I just couldn’t stop playing.

#13945094 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by Tandjame on 13 February 2018 - 12:50 PM

Anyone asked to sign into their Xbox today? Always makes me nervous when it asks for my password. I would freak out if I lost my $320 in Xbox money

I had to sign in last night. I figured my wife Fuck ed something up trying to watch Netflix.

#13933420 XBL Deals - 2018

Posted by Tandjame on 25 January 2018 - 06:21 PM

I’m really excited about Split/Second. I don’t own the AC India game, but I kind of liked what I played of the China one. I don’t own shadow warrior, but it a first person melee game, right? Those kind of games nauseate me.

I THINK I bought crazy taxi a few years back when it was on sale. I remember playing it and thinking that it didn’t hold up well at all. It could have been the demo, though.

TL:DR - I’m happy about February’s games.

Edit: As others have said, Split/Second is available BC for those that already own it. Mine’s downloading as we speak. I may as well play that for a bit since since I can’t get the damn DBZ Fighterz beta to work for shit.

#13914177 XBL Deals - 2017, Part II

Posted by Tandjame on 25 December 2017 - 11:23 AM

Merry Christmas, you cheap, beautiful bastards.

#13911747 XBL Deals - 2017, Part II

Posted by Tandjame on 22 December 2017 - 01:59 AM

Thank you bloomy.

I may bite on Bulletstorm. It was one of my favorite shooters on 360. There are a couple others I’m looking at as well.

I’m gonna do you all a solid and just buy Pier Solar at full price. You can thank me when it goes on sale next week.

#13908434 XBL Deals - 2017, Part II

Posted by Tandjame on 17 December 2017 - 10:35 PM

Where the hell is Blinky to tell me what to buy this week?

#13902062 XBL Deals - 2017, Part II

Posted by Tandjame on 08 December 2017 - 04:07 PM


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Looks like Chris Colbert got one already. I’ll send you mine.

#13899264 XBL Deals - 2017, Part II

Posted by Tandjame on 05 December 2017 - 12:30 AM

Well Fuck me right in the ass. I just might buy a few games this week.

Thanks bloomy!