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In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XVII

26 April 2017 - 07:56 PM

Also secondary question thats semi off topic, do manufacturer warranties usually apply to amazon warehouse items? I rarely buy big ticket items, mostly games where warranty isn't much of an issue.

if you have any way of checking how long it's got left, without contacting the original owner, assuming you could - if it's a busted box item (a dinger), you could maybe pass it off with the S/N if you can register it to a site, but if they ask for proof of purchase and all you have is the "used" description, you're more than likely out of luck.

In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XVII

25 April 2017 - 02:40 AM

Is that a meta joke where you actually didn't receive the switch so the pictures are blank?

man I haven't seen this joke since angel did it

In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XVII

24 April 2017 - 01:11 PM

My favorite part was how it was just a smudge and all he had to do was touch it, but he posted about his used console coming with a scratch on it and wanted everyone to decide for him if he should return it or not. Nothing is such a bully, was a good thing he condescendingly said "reading comprehension much" that instigated a reply that was considered bullying, like that's what happened. You kids crack me up every time.

Okay buddy.

"Good" lawyer LOL never "good"

You're right, what was I thinking??

In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XVII

23 April 2017 - 05:05 AM

If anyone here owns a jailbroken Firestick and a Samsung 4K tv, inbox me please have some questions

i have bigger questions about your avatar tbh


I come here for the deals. I stay for the drama.

how else will you become a good lawyer, stringy?

In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XVII

21 April 2017 - 06:22 PM

Well I mean it was in the original box, and half the accessories were in the bubble packaging/original packaging but the joycons/system were in those bags I posted, and the console had some plastic piece covering the screen (not a screen protector). Would you keep this unit or send it back based on the mark in the picture?

If you paid a minimal amount and the scratches don't bother you, may as well keep it.

However, if the thing has any functional defects (joycons slip out with minimal force, buttons are busted, battery dies quick), I'd say return. Up to you.