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Tora Chan's Blog > Making myself happy again pt. 2

Posted 05 January 2016

Preliminary evaluation (as of January 3rd):

Weight: 86kg or 190 lbs.
Goal: 70kg or 154 lbs. (no time limit on reaching this, but as soon and as healthy as possible)

1-mile run time: 12 min
Goal: 9 min by January 31st

Total distance ran before getting tired/stopping: 1.5 miles
Goal: Able to run 3.5 miles at least 3 times a week by Januar...

Tora Chan's Blog > Making myself happy again

Posted 31 December 2015

I've realized that throughout 2015, I haven't been truly happy. The last time I remember being happy was when I was active in martial arts and had an athletic body. I've decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and clean up my eating habits to get back to what I was before, and become happy again.

I will start this superset workout on January 4th, the b...