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In Topic: The 2023 Gamestop Thread

22 January 2023 - 06:21 AM

What would stop someone from driving from store to store asking for one and showing off their preorder email from gamestop.com, getting as many of these as possible. That's probably why some people have so many.

Limited supply and preferred allocation to customers with in-store preorders.

In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XVIII

21 January 2023 - 01:18 PM

It's sad how I see people posting here regularly about getting a Series X for cheap on Amazon Warehouse, yet I have a brand new one that I paid full retail for at Target

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
But in all honesty the series x is an awesome console and absolutely worth $500. If you have redcard then you saved 5%. If you have buyer’s remorse just sell it. You can always rebuy later on.

In Topic: GameStop.com select pre-owned games 4 for $40 (under $20) and 4 for...

08 January 2023 - 04:23 PM

Does anybody know if it's worth asking B&M stores if they'll trade out cover art?

Never hurts to ask. Some employees are fine with it, but some have turned me down. It helps to ask a store where you are a regular. I do most of my GS business at this store and they have helped me out a lot with things like this.

In Topic: Playstation Deals, PS Plus games, and Discussion

08 January 2023 - 01:21 PM

But would be interested in one or some of the bigger tech YouTubers to dig into.

Mystic ryan is one of the best PS review guys on youtube: He covers the topic at around 14:00 mark.

In Topic: Target Clearance Thread XXIV

03 December 2022 - 03:40 PM

Buy Target gift cards with a credit card offering 5% cash back on PayPal or Apple Pay. Cards like Discover, Chase Freedom, Kroger, etc.

great way to get $15% off a series x or ps5 console.